In the eyes of Tcharli Mathurin (C2 Montreal)

Tcharli Mathurin (He/she), Director, Strategic Marketing, C2 Montreal

  • A reason close to your heart: Better representation of people from the PANDC team in marketing management positions and on the boards of directors of entertainment and media companies in Quebec. It is important to continue efforts to elevate this representation on our screens, but the effort must go beyond projectors and decision -making positions.
  • What brings you to a desert island: Any device that allows me to listen to my multiple playlists Spotify and… the adventurer Bear Grylls to teach me tricks and basics of survival in nature.
  • If you were a plant/a book/a work of art/a historical event, you would be: i will be the album Watch the Throne ng Jay Z at Kanye West. A balance between inspiration, refinement and eternal relevance.
  • Your favorite word: “Less is More”. Well… that’s three words, but as marketers, we often encounter leaders who lay out their complete list of goals and priorities that undermine the effectiveness of our strategies. So it’s important to remember that more often than not, we are better served when we do less… but better.

A road trip that is not traveled much …
My journey as a marketing professional no doubt resembles that of some of my colleagues from the black community in Quebec who were trying to enter this industry in the corporate world in the early 2000s.

A winding path where opportunities are rare and there is a constant feeling of having to cross to justify its presence as the first to cross a door, even an unseen barrier.

Learn to focus on yourself
Because I do not rely on a professional network of proximity or influence, my journey over the past 15 years has led me to quickly develop the flexibility and a shell of resilience to slowly climb the ladder of corporate culture that more often than not in a country club you know, just merit-based promotions.

Despite the pitfalls, my continued ambition is to set an example for the next generation and show the possibility for someone with background like me, inspired my determination to continue to persevere.

This decision has allowed me over the years to occupy exceptional positions, allowing me to lead brand marketing strategies within recognized companies such as Rogers Communication and now C2 International.

From building content partnership campaigns with well -known brands (Spotifythe NHL, VICE at Dito Tou.TV) managing multi-million sponsorship programs for one of the major telco players (Fido), a constant remnant, especially the very low representation of members of my community in management roles.

It is for this reason that the flame of continually setting an example by treading less traveled paths remains bright in my home. To my greatest satisfaction, I feel in 2-3 years an air of change in this matter in Quebec and a genuine desire of the marketing industry to step out of the traditional mold and consider candidates with more diversified profiles for management positions.

A mission and an unfinished journey
Times are changing, the expectations of consumers and/or employees of their employers in their concrete actions to combat inequalities and social issues are at the heart of purchasing decisions and the talent retention. Therefore, it is in the interest of local businesses and decision makers to have diversity of voices within their leadership.

For my part, I intend to continue my journey and make my contribution in breaking down barriers and glass ceilings to show that nothing is impossible.


To better see and hear our entire industry, Le Grenier aux nouvelles wants to showcase inspired patterns from cultural diversity, gender, gender identity, age and disability in its new series “In the eyes of…”. This series aims to give space to the hidden talents in the world of communication-advertising, production, on the agency side and on the client side, and introduce us to the people who launched the initiative to promote equality, diversity- others and integration into their organization.If you would like to submit your photo, or someone you know would be interested, write to us at [email protected]

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