Divalto puts its SaaS on the IBM Cloud

Throughout the “cloudification”, Alsatian publisher Divalto chose to move all of its SaaS (ERP and CRM) offerings to IBM’s infrastructure.

Since 2018, its cloud ERP has been hosted in the American cloud. This is also now the case for its CRM, which was released in 2019 and resulted from the acquisition of Swing Mobility.

“The benefits of a supplier like IBM perfectly meet our needs and those of our customers, both in technical terms and in terms of resource availability and cost integration”, explains Jérémy Grégoire, Chief Product and R&D Officer. of Divalto.

An exclusive, but not captive deal

Historically, Divalto has said it doesn’t rely on a cloud provider. So far he has agreements with Diatem and IBM Cloud (Softlayer) on IaaS, but he has not used PaaS services that would captivate him.

“Divalto primarily uses IaaS, which allows us to move quickly from one host to another.»

Michel GrissmerCTO of Divalto

IBM is therefore becoming its sole partner today. “IBM is becoming our partner of choice”, confirmed Michel Grissmer CTO at Divalto. But this philosophy of technological freedom remains, he assured MagIT.

Divalto’s choice for IBM is partly explained by the fact that “IBM does not push the use of in-house PaaS solutions [et] the PaaS solutions that interest us remain in standard implementations (Open Source) ”, according to Michel Grissmer.

In general, the CTO points out that Divalto uses “core” IaaS. “This is the particular aspect that allows us to move quickly from one host to another,” he said.

“We took advantage of the migration to make Infrastructure as Code (IAC). The infrastructure is created and maintained by Ansible. These configurations have a version. It is also an asset for the implementation of PRA ”, he added. “We also configured our VMs based on IBM’s catalog of models. And capacity planning has been analyzed and simplified ”.

IBM to support the international development of Divalto

Some publishers choose a multicloud approach, with the possibility for the customer to deploy to the IaaS of their choice (or to a pre-established list, such as with RISE from SAP). Divalto made the opposite option of streamlining deployment in a cloud.

Question of the way, but not only.

“International is one of our areas of development, so choosing a partner like IBM that can support us. »

Michel GrissmerCTO of Divalto

“Signing with IBM is obvious,” said Jérémy Grégoire, who spoke about the relationship of trust between the publisher and the cloud provider, the advantages in terms of scalability and flexibility, and importantly, IBM’s expertise in cybersecurity. .

Divalto’s business development ambitions will also justify this decision. “Divalto already has a subsidiary in North America,” Michel Grissmer recalled. “International is one of our areas of development, so choosing a partner who is capable of supporting us”.

Finally, IBM has the image of a serious infrastructure expert with ERP customers, the CTO added.

An emerging market appetite for cloud ERP

Divalto is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Like many ERP veterans, SaaS and its promise of recurring revenue are its new horizon.

But if its CRM is natively designed for the cloud and sold only in SaaS mode, “in ERP, we used to be in on-premise mode”, Michel Grissmer admits. A weighty story.

However, the maturity of French customers seems to be changing.

“Over the past few months, things have changed. Our sales [d’ERP] most are in SaaS mode ”, welcomed the CTO with a formula that however shows that there is still a significant portion of ETI and SMEs (Divalto’s targets) who still want their software packages on site.

The road to the cloud for ERP editors – Divalto like the rest – remains a long way off.

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