What were the first start-ups to join the Next Top 20?

ang Next Top 20 can officially begin. The ten winning start-ups of this program initiated for the first time this year by Club Top 20 and French Tech Aix-Marseille Région Sud, and supported by Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence and Richardson as sponsor partners, have been announced. this Thursday, May 12. Kiro, ImCheck Therapeutics, Volta Medical, Mailinblack, Tchek, Skeepers, Ombrea, Telaua, DualSun and Nawa Technologies will participate in the first promotion. ” Three sectors are represented, health, digital/data and greentech, which correspond to the strength of the territory “, Said Jean-Baptiste Geissler, director of French Tech Aix-Marseille Région Sud.

Banques Innov: “We hope the single financing file will be universal”

Of the 33 applications submitted to join this regional program aimed promote relationships between large companies and start-ups, 20 were presented to the jury composed specifically of David Layani, president of One Point, the president of the Top 20 Club and its board of directors, as well as representatives of the two sponsors. To select the finalists, they based themselves on three criteria: the amount of fundraising and/or transfer, local influence and ultimate potential. Not to mention the pitch. Between them, the start-ups selected represented 1,000 jobs and raised 210 million euros.

Access to local CAC 40

The idea of ​​creating these synergies was born during meetings with the Club Top 20, which brings together the leaders of the largest companies in the Aix-Marseille Provence metropolis. ” In September 2021, during the Grand Bain, we signed a charter of good practices. We continued discussing and imagining this project Jean-Baptiste Geissler recalled that there have been requests from members of French Tech to collaborate more with large local groups. ” There are national programs but more focused on administration. »

Dive into a greener industry

But this need became necessary because “ this can allow start-ups to accelerate their growth by finding customers and partners who can open up their network to them or become investors. “, continued the general manager. On the business side, they can culture in innovation, find service providers on projects and thus thrive “. All in one approachopen changewhich consists of innovation other than relying on its research and development department and seeking outside collaboration, from another company with complementary skills, for example.

The desire is thus to create a positive innovation spiral to produce champions. But it will also attract new ones. ” This is an additional argument for start-ups that want to set up here to access local CAC 40. To my knowledge, it doesn’t exist anywhere else. »

To make Aix-Marseille Provence the first center of attraction in the Euromed-Africa area, our The metropolis must be seen and experienced as an attractive territory for establishing innovative companies and receiving the best talents. “, Added Bruno Cagnol, president of Club Top 20.

Next Top 20: a sequel to 2023

For a year, each winner will be accompanied by a mentor from the Club Top 20 who will introduce them to events, for example. But each pair can evolve differently, as Jean-Baptiste Geissler points out: “ No doubt there will be specific sessions but they will only be proactive. We prefer to offer something less formal to leave room for meetings.. »

Julie Davico-Pahin’s ambitions for French Tech Aix-Marseille South Region

Although no quantified goal has been set by the end of this year of exchanges, ” Obviously if this contributes to the emergence of unicorns, we are pleased, but the goal is instead to help companies move to a higher stage of development. The number and quality of candidates who are there for this first year, the program should be renewed in 2023.

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