What are the risks of cyber threats facing the manufacturing industry?

What are the risks of cyber threats facing the manufacturing industry?

Lookout, a cybersecurity company, is on a mission to secure and stimulate our digital future in a world where mobility and the cloud are everywhere in our professional activities. Lookout allows consumers and employees to protect their data and stay securely connected without violating their privacy or trust. At a time when the risks of cyber threats are increasingly increasing in the manufacturing industry, Lookout has highlighted the risks facing this field.

Phishing and malware remain major threats

Professionals are overwhelmed, everyone works fast, instinctively and is often distracting on mobile devices with small screens. Not surprisingly, then, that phishing is the primary method used by evil actors to trick people into useless malware downloads. Attackers are accustomed to targeting and deceiving individuals, especially industry executives, salespeople and financiers, into downloading malware or inadvertently giving them access to company resources. According to the Lookout study, over the past 12 months, the mobile phishing exposure rate has increased by 118%.

Certainly moving to remote work creates new risks

The pandemic accelerated the digital revolution and cyberattackers took advantage of the resulting confusion. Lookout data shows a 118% increase in the mobile phishing exposure rate for the manufacturing industry, worldwide. While remote work is an important part of the way we work, manufacturers need to make sure their employees are protected from phishing, malware, and other mobile attacks, wherever they are.

Connected manufacturing spreads risk

To stay competitive, many manufacturers are investing in intellectual property and new technologies, such as digital twins. Digitizing manufacturing, inventory tracking, operations and maintenance increases business agility and efficiency; this reduces production downtime and provides more flexibility.

While smart factory connectivity accelerates change in products, manufacturing, and supply chain management, it also creates many cybersecurity risks. The plant is no longer isolated from the company’s computer network. Threats from mobile devices can propagate from the corporate IT network to the manufacturing network. Industrial control systems are therefore now weak.

To combat these threats, Lookout mitigates mobile threats and provides cloud security for manufacturers with Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security. The solution against all types of cyber threats:

• Mobile Phishing: Lookout detects and monitors thousands of active phishing sites every day.

• Application Threats: Lookout scans over 140 million applications, providing visibility to risks such as Trojans and spyware.

• Device risks: Lookout also protects against device risks that arise when the operating system’s built-in security is bypassed. Lookout can identify behavioral abnormalities.

• Network risks: Lookout protects against network risks, which is especially important as more and more employees work from home and will continue to use public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Lookout provides comprehensive endpoint-to-cloud security, protecting manufacturing organizations against all mobile risks. It also protects intellectual property wherever it goes, while ensuring secure access to cloud applications.

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