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Zap Comix at Stara Editions (KissKissBankBank)

In 2020, Éditions Stara – specialist in publishing underground comics Americans-is looking forward to offering French readers the complete version of the popular counter-culture magazine, created by Robert Crumb in 1968: ZapComix. The author is accompanied by Gilbert Shelton, Rick Griffin where Spain Rodriguez. This first integral of 520 pages gathers n ° 0 to 9 and their covers. Success is unquestionable. Crowdfunding reached 305% compared to the first goal and ZapComix sold out in bookstores.

To continue this work of publishing the essentials ofunderground American, offers Stara Editions, on the platform of KissKissBankBank, which participated in the financing of volume 2 of the complete ZapComix. This one includes numbers 10 through 15, and offers further consideration Zap n ° 16 published in February 2016. In other proposed counterparties, you will find in particular Binky Brown met the Virgin Mary ng Justin Green, American author who just died. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this counter-cultural work without caring about the rules set by Comics Code Authority.

Funding closing date: June 5, 2022

Project link:

Drawing by Robert Crumb selling Zap Comix in 1968
© Stara Editions

Comic Box by Huginn & Muninn editions, Xavier Fournier and the editorial staff of the review (Ulule)

In 1998, the French journal comic box, which focuses on American comics. Through various formats, the journal was published until it disappeared in 2017. A site took over afterwards. Became editor-in-chief of comic box in 2011, Xavier Fournier offers nostalgic and/or passionate readers the opportunity to liven up the magazine through crowdfunding in Ulule.

The desire to revive a paper journal, while the trend announced by the augurs is to lose it, is part of a recent trend. The editions resurrection ng Vincent Berniere already experienced success, in 2017, including The comics, which has been missing since 2005. Crowdfunding at KissKissBankBank is the starting point. Even more recently, in 2021, the return of the legendary magazine Screaming metal. Always through crowdfunding.

In its rebirth program of comic boxyou will find a detailed file dedicated to the theme “Understanding the multiverse”, an interview with Bill Sienkiewicz (especially known for his work on Elektra: Assassin included Mark Miller), a tribute to neal adams (figure from the comics “Bronze Age”, recently deceased) or a review article devoted to the series The Immortal Hulk ngAl Ewing at Joe Bennett. Among the most interesting rewards, you can find Superheroes: A French Storya work by Xavier Fournier, already published by Éditions Huginn and Muninn.

Funding closing date: May 19, 2022

Project link:

Comic Box – New paper format
© Huginn and Muninn

Only the shadow, by Rubrik Sallé, Corbeyran and Paskal Millet of the Komics Initiative (Ulule) editions

Like editions Copy (established by the author Lisa Mandelin 2020), the editions Comics Initiative (KI) have an editorial operation based on crowdfunding. The project, led by Mickael Gereaumeclaimed a policy of limited circulation, the printing of works in France and the rejection of distribution structures such as Amazon, for the benefit of book sellers. Fifty or more projects undertaken to date are fully supported by crowdfunding, on the Ulule platform.

The Comics Initiative conducts high-quality editorial work, which is shared between delivering the legacy of American comics (Sky Masters ng Wallace Wood at Jack Kirby ; Wimmen’s Comix ; The unusual household ng TS Sullivant…), fireworks, original and contemporary projects (Wuvable Olaf ngEd Luce, Starseeds ng Charles Glaubitz, Money Shot ng Sarah Beattie, Tim Seeley at Rebekah Isaacs…), successful youth comics (Kodi ng Jared Cullum, Saudade ng Phillip William at Melissa Garabeli) or the French superhero (fox boy ng Laurent Lefeuvre, Outcasts ng Tony Emeriau at Boris Beuzelin).

The new project is called Only shadow. In the script, we see Corbeyran at Rurik Sallewhile the design is ensured by Pascal Millet. This new comic is a collection of ten stories belonging to the horror genre. Such anthology claims affiliation with Stories from the Crypt where The Twilight Zone. The authors enjoy exploring the various “ghosts of fear”. Lampas Only shadowcounterparts offer goodies, an exclusive print, an album dedication or even a commission featuring classic horror characters.

Funding closing date: June 12, 2022

Project link:

© Komics Initiative

“Retrospective” project by Les Sculpteurs De Bulles (Ulule)

The Bubble Sculptors is an associative publishing house, founded in 2009, whose goal is to produce luxury prints, comics items and portfolios. Since 2021, four projects have been funded on the Ulule platform. Looking back is the title of a new portfolio project featuring the work of designers who have worked with Les Sculpteurs de Bulles over the past thirteen years.

If the initial goal is 5,000 euros, the publishing house hopes to reach 45,000 euros to be able to offer 40 images in 24×32 cm format for anyone who supports the campaign. The second goal is to allow the association to move towards “new editorial horizons”. The money collected will make it possible to finance new projects where the authors will be paid “100% fixed and with 15% royalties on each sale that exceeds the production ceiling”.

Many counterparts should allow you to find your happiness. This is for more or lower prices. These counterparties are based on stocks created in the past decade from portfolios (splendid scarlet prints ng Saverio Tenuta), set of drawings (for lovers of Jean-Baptiste Andreae at Azimuth), black and white integral, luxury print, poster, autographed album with original watercolor illustrations.

Funding closing date: May 19, 2022

Project link:

Scarlet Prints by Saverio Tenuta
© Bubble Sculptors

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