La Redoute gift card: Help them find the gift of their dreams

La Redoute is a French brand known to consumers for over a century. Fashion, home, beauty, sports, leisure … Online, the cybermerchant offers several thousand items, which are regularly updated. If you want to amuse your loved ones, you will surely find what you are looking for in La Redoute’s extensive catalog. Don’t know which gift to choose? In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to know the tastes, sizes, or spaces available to the person for whom the present is. In this case, feel free to turn to the e-gift card. This dematerialized gift card can be used throughout the e-merchant site. Choose the amount you want to give and let the recipient order the items they want themselves. For unique attention, add a personalized note that your loved one will receive via email in conjunction with their e-gift card.

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What are the benefits of the La Redoute gift card?

By opting for the La Redoute gift card, you will definitely offer a gift that will please your loved ones, because they themselves chose it. Online or in-store, they are free to spend the amount you offer them to buy themselves what they need. The balance of the La Redoute gift card can be used on one or more orders, across all brands present in the e-tailer. To use it in the store, your loved ones will be able to print it or display it on their smartphone, after receiving it via email. So, unlike a classic gift card, the La Redoute e-card can’t be lost or forgotten on your shopping trips. To check the remaining balance on an e-gift card, simply go to the La Redoute website and enter its number and the verification code sent.

When buying a La Redoute gift card for your loved ones, you are free to choose the amount you want to put in to make the recipient happy. Don’t forget to personalize your gift by writing a note. Before validating your purchase, remember to choose a shipping date, so that your friend can receive his or her surprise on D-Day. You can also print the card to offer it in paper format on the occasion of a birthday party. or any other event. La Redoute also offers solutions for companies that want to reward their employees.

How to use a La Redoute gift card?

To purchase a La Redoute gift card, simply go to the online merchant’s website, on the dedicated page. Then click on “Offer gift card”. The first step is to select the amount you want to inject into the e-gift card, from eight options available from 10 euros to 500 euros. You need to decide who will receive the card via email: you or the person for whom it is intended. In the first case, you will be able to print your surprise to show it on paper whenever you want. If you choose direct delivery to the recipient, you are free to choose a delivery date. Indicate your name and that of the other participants in the gift, as well as the identity of the prospective gift card owner. Feel free to use your nicknames to personalize your gift, where you can even add a message of up to 80 characters.

Once received via email, the e-gift card can be used directly on the La Redoute website. At the store, just show it in print or on your smartphone to use the available balance. If the amount offered is not enough to pay for your entire order, you are free to complete your payment in the usual way. Conversely, if it is not expensive at one time, the La Redoute e-gift card can be used again until it is exhausted.

Balance, duration, refund … Everything you need to know about the La Redoute gift card

The La Redoute e-gift card can contain a choice of 10 euros, 25 euros, 30 euros, 50 euros, 100 euros, 200 euros, 250 euros, or 500 euros. Its price is equal to the value selected. Like other items purchased at La Redoute, gift cards benefit from the online merchant’s 100% secure payment system. You will also have the option to pay for your gift in 3 or 4 installments. If you change your mind, you will have 30 days to request a refund. R premium and R select customers will have an additional 30 days to reconsider their decision. Also note that the refund will be made on the payment method used when ordering. The person to whom the e-card was offered will not receive the money itself.

Regardless of the selected shipping date, an e-gift card can be used once it is received. This type of gift is therefore perfect for a last minute gift. Attention, however, it is subject to a period of validity of one year from the date of its purchase. If you spend your card in several installments, you can check your outstanding balance at any time, directly on the La Redoute website.

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