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Emerging, cybercriminal networks have become more professional and organized, they are becoming more agile and responsive to detect and monetize all flaws.

What is the role of CIOs in the face of the IT threat

The emergence of new tools, such as user mobility and the use of remote software (cloud/web) that is now well-installed, opens up security breaches and self-protection is as important as a problem. technical head. So and more than ever, the work of CIOs is difficult: multiplying entry points in networks, piling up security software, growing share of web services, user expectations in terms of user experience, education and acculturation to avoid the most risk. individual behavior. And this, in a context where their mission is strategic for the organizations they protect.

RCDEVS, an IT security company that specializes in identity management and strong authentication, which has won several awards for its innovations, alerts us: These better-funded organizations are re-investing large amounts at their disposal to reorganize themselves, to develop software that constantly scans networks to detect the slightest mistake, human or software. . This represents significant risks for the victim’s organization: financial threat, temporary cessation of activity, loss or disclosure of key data. This damage can extend to an entire customer-supplier chain, making it systematic, thus leading to risks of exploitation in broad sense, reputation and loss of competitiveness. To strengthen the cybersecurity of companies, it is important to secure all access ”.

Philippe BIHEL Country Manager France at RCDevs, returns to the real change of this paradigm where it is no longer a question of targeting a company, but of detecting vulnerability in one of them to trigger the attack, and how the acceleration of these attacks however is expected. The

RCDevs launches OpenOTP Electronic Signature: a complete electronic signature solution focused on businesses

The health crisis has significantly accelerated the use of electronic signatures within companies. Saving time, reducing operating costs, legal security, electronic signature offer many advantages for companies. In this context, RCDevs, a computer security company that specializes in next-generation multi-factor authentication, is launching OpenOTP Electronic Signature: a complete electronic signature offering to meet the internal needs of companies.

Streamline exchanges within the company

Implementing telework, hybrid work … The ‘Future of Work’ is at the heart of the concerns of companies that constantly need to rethink their organization towards new ways of exchanging with all their employees.
To meet these new challenges, RCdevs designed OpenOTP Electronic Signature, an internal identity management (IAM) -based tool that aims to streamline and facilitate all of the company’s internal exchanges. This solution allows
to extend the capacities of solutions already installed within these organizations. Combined with the OpenOTP security suite from RCdevs and the Nextcloud Plugin, the OpenOTP Electronic Signature solution makes it possible to sign and seal documents right within the company. The user can approve and sign all documents received through his mobile phone thanks to the Open OTP Token application.

A secure and mobile solution for all employees

Simple and secure, this unique tool offers users the possibility to sign a document stored in NextCloud thanks to a dedicated plugin or to send the document to the recipient for signature via email. In fact, this solution makes it possible to secure the document signature by using the messaging system as the signature platform, without the need for a user portal. Signature requests are received via notifications or QR Codes sent via email. In addition, the sealing and time stamping of documents ensures that the documents are tamper-proof. OpenOTP Electronic Signature features are directly integrated into the OpenOTP Security Suite. The latter provides security solutions that include strong two-factor authentication, with OTP and FIDO.

“Through Open OTP Electronic Signature, RCDevs aims to provide a customized secure solution to meet the current needs of businesses. By combining technologies with proven security standards, RCDevs wants to offer the best alternative for professionals seeking a solution that combines flexibility, functionality and simplicity ” declared by Founding President Charly Rohart of RCDevs.

About RCDevs:

RCDevs is an award-winning IT security company that specializes in next-generation multi-factor authentication.
Well -known organizations such as NATO, the European Investment Bank, or French companies including Vinci or Orange, rely on it.
Currently with 800 customers in 60 countries around the world and a community of nearly 1 million users, RCDevs has consolidated its reputation for over 10 years with SMEs, large companies and administrations, specifically in the IT, finance sectors. or health, thanks to high -quality security software and the full satisfaction of its users.

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