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Twitter, Musk’s $ 44 billion toy

In Pretoria, in the cold of the morning, a child was born. Nearly 50 years later, this boy has become the richest man in the world. This newborn is Elon Reeve Musk, the broken African-American billionaire who over the years has broken the codes of entrepreneurship, the automobile, finance and even the conquest of space. Man has created an empire by pushing capitalism to its zenith and recently buying the social network Twitter for several billion. With over 217 million users per month, 6,000 tweets sent per second, 7,500 employees and over 35 international offices, Twitter is a formidable field and yet … it only took the billionaire a few weeks to get your hands on this social. network. Naturally, this acquisition caused a lot of ink to flow …


Elon Musk is a little genius. Young, he had read a lot, was interested in everything and very early on began to immerse himself in computers, a vast field that was at the dawn of its explosion at the time. Starting his studies in South Africa and then in Canada, he left school to create his first start-up, Zip2, which he quickly sold for $ 22 million. Then, Elon entered the world of finance by creating by investing 12 million dollars out of his pocket. The project: an online bank, a revolutionary idea in the 90s. By the early 2000s, his company already had 200,000 customers. In the following years, through the game of takeover and merger, his company would become known as Paypal. When eBay bought Paypal for 1.5 billion dollars a few years later, Elon Musk, who was then a major shareholder, pocketed 250 million dollars. A big jackpot, but this one doesn’t stop there.

Next is an epic in the field of space and the vehicle in which the man will conjure up between two avant-garde companies in their field.

At Tesla, this is the electric car equipped with new technologies of all kinds. There, Elon Musk pushed for change with the launch of a network of fast electric charging stations, the construction of a massive battery factory in Nevada and the development of automatic vehicle steering software. However, the company didn’t just go through good times: “In reality, production has been slow to climb, to the point that bankruptcy rumors came back in 2018. It took until 2020 for the company, which opened a factory in Shanghai and built two new ones in Berlin and Austin (Texas), delivering 500,000 vehicles a year – against 10 million for world leader, Toyota – and earning for the first time – 860 million dollars, for a turnover of 31 billion. When this result was announced, Tesla’s share increased and Elon Musk became the richest man in the world, ”wrote the newspaper Le Monde.

On the Space X side, the task seems more titanic. The project: build reusable rockets to lower costs. A private provider launched in 2002 by Elon Musk, the company is now 20 years old and doing well. On the one hand, he manages the transportation of cargo and astronauts to the space station, on the other hand he is interested in adventure on Mars and, finally, he develops the StarLink program similarly, which aims to enable high-speed Internet access. by satellite to Earth. The company is now stable and its model is profitable. Last October, the newspaper Les Echos wrote: “SpaceX is flying towards a new record. After the sale of shares by existing investors, the valuation of the company specializing in cargo and space exploration exceeded 100 billion dollars.The company led by Elon Musk is now the second most important unicorn in the world, according to CB Insights, behind China’s Bytedance and leader in the fintech Stripe.

Tesla and SpaceX, which are two toys of the billionaire, are not the only Elon Musk projects. He also started building a company, the Boring Company, that builds tunnels under cities to remove blockages on roads and reduce traffic. Today, this company is now worth more than 5.2 billion euros. Another fun project: Neuroalink. The goal? Connecting the human brain to a computer. This will make it possible to build human capacities, store memory … One final project, which is also innovative, is the Hyperloop. The newspaper l’Express wrote: “The idea is to transfer the capsules-both passenger and cargo-to air cushions along the rails made of a low-pressure tube. The project is open to competing bids from several companies, including startup Hyperloop One, which showed the prototype to the public near Las Vegas. It will eventually make it possible to connect the 600 km that separates Los Angeles from San Francisco in 30 minutes, according to its engineers. ”Of all these projects, Mr. Musk is undoubtedly someone who touch everyone.


On April 25, Twitter’s board of directors accepted the acquisition of Elon Musk’s company for $ 44 billion. Not alone in the operation, it still has to pay 38.9 billion dollars on its side. In fact, companies like Binance, Oracle or even investment funds have brought more than 7.139 billion dollars to the table according to a document from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). For Elon Musk, this acquisition will take place with the goal: “that there be an inclusive arena for freedom of expression. This is essential for the functioning of democracy and of the United States as an independent nation for many other nations. .Having a public platform that users fully trust, widely included, is essential for the future of civilization. ” However, this acquisition raises questions for users, economists and the business world. Twitter is not an important social network, it has about 280 million users against 2 billion for Facebook. But it is widely used by politicians and the media industry.

Behind this acquisition, Elon Musk must have a project. The man advocates freedom of expression, the fact of making this social network profitable or even taking the company out of the stock market for more freedom, but the personality of Elon Musk and his past experiences suggests that he may have other ideas in mind. We can imagine the unthinkable. However, the freedom of expression presented for the reasons of its takeover on Twitter is quite understandable. With over 90 million subscribers to the platform, he is a very influential person and he doesn’t hesitate to stand up to say what he really thinks. One might think that Elon Musk wants to continue, with a form of absolutism, his “anti-liberticide” epic on social networks. Simply put, one thing the billionaire has understood is that in the current era, the influence of social networks is overwhelming. Choosing to place it or that thing can have a huge impact on the economy, politics, society and even the environment.

In other words, specialists and associations fear for the stability of “democracy”. If no restrictions are applied by Twitter teams, the risk could be significant. Frances Haugen, a whistleblower and former Facebook employee, told the DNA newspaper: “Before the election, certain settings were activated to reduce the spread of misinformation and hate online. But those settings were turned off right after the presidential election ”to prioritize growth over security. To me this is a betrayal of democracy ”. A few months after the election, Facebook was widely used to organize the Capitol uprising on January 6, 2021, commemorating 60 Minutes. The whistleblower does not explicitly pronounce the link between Facebook and these events. But the screenshots he provided in 60 Minutes show that on the company’s internal social network, employees linked the non -steps taken by the platform and the insurrection of the Capitol ”.

To conclude, Elon Musk seems to emphasize the particular importance of freedom of expression. Being free to speak on this social network can benefit from it at strategic points such as accepting cryptocurrencies (areas where it invests heavily) or political and economic decisions. However, this case is in danger of being followed closely and serves as an example. Both the risks and the benefits are known to all, but their magnitude has not yet been determined. Elon Musk is the leader for this adventure but beware of the return of the boomerang that, if left unchecked, can be devastating.

From a technical point of view

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Twitter, Musk’s $ 44 billion toy

Twitter, Musk’s $ 44 billion toy

Since the end of 2014, the Twitter title has evolved over a wide ascending channel (here in purple) alternating between rising waves and falling waves. After rising sharply between the March 2020 low point during the Covid crisis and its historical highs in February 2021, the stock re -entered the correction phase (which took place in three traditional phases) with a return to lower channel terminal. Since then, prices have continued on an upward trend that remains lazy to say the least. If the resistance slant (black line) is exceeded, prices may continue the $ 60 (first green line) direction initially before returning to the historic high of $ 80.75 (second green line) for the second time.

Conversely, if the resistance slant is not exceeded, prices may continue the direction of $ 40 (first red line) upstream with a larger decline towards the equivalent $ 20 (second red line) to March 2020 lows.

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Twitter, Musk’s $ 44 billion toy

Twitter, Musk’s $ 44 billion toy

In 2021, the Tesla title emerges within a triangle where it emerged from the top in August of the same year. Prices accelerated upwards to mark an all -time high of $ 1,244 in November. Since then, the stock has been moving within a descending channel, alternating between rising waves and falling waves. Currently, prices seem to be heading towards the lower channel limit at $ 700 (first red line). In the event of a breakout of this level, the title may experience further correction in the strong support zone at $ 544 (second red line).

Conversely, if prices rise to the lower limit, we can head to the psychological threshold of $ 1,000 (first green line) before returning to historical highs at $ 1,244 (second green line).

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