Professional female hockey players will soon have a better lifestyle

With the amount of money being donated these days, it’s hard to believe that during his rookie season with the Montreal Canadiens, in 1971-1972, Blond Demon Guy Lafleur received a salary of $ 80,000. An amount is further increased by a signing bonus of $ 55,000. However, this is the first time an NHL team has given so much money to a first -year player.

Fifty -one years later, the First Hockey Federation (PHF) is preparing, for the first time, to give a woman an income of $ 80,000 per season in American currency.

The lucky winner was Mikyla Grant-Mentis of Ontario, a 23-year-old free agent whose Buffalo Beauts will confirm acquisition in the coming days, if not in the next few hours.

The news was confirmed by The Associated Press on Sunday, following interviews with two people who agreed to provide details on condition of anonymity. However, the TSN network was the first media to deal with the news on Friday, without specifying the amount Grant-Mentis earned.

Former Beauts captain Marie-Jo Pelletier, who announced her retirement from hockey last month, said it would be only a matter of time before a player would have access to such a salary.

It must be said that the PHF’s decision to raise the salary cap for teams from $ 300,000 to $ 750,000 facilitates such a jump in salaries that will now be awarded to the major stars of the women’s circuit.

“It’s not always confirmed, but I assume what’s said is true, Pelletier first announced, Monday morning. It’s amazing that a woman would be paid such a salary. It’s a big step for women’s hockey today. When I started in the league. three years ago, the minimum wage was $ 4,000 per season.In my last season, without telling you exactly my salary, let’s say I received over $ 20,000.

The most important thing in this announcement, Marie-Jo Pelletier believes, is the fact that Mikyla Grant-Mentis could be the first hockey player to be able to focus her efforts on hockey alone, without having to worry about having part-time. work to fulfill those needs.

“I think women’s hockey was there on its journey,” she said. Even before I announced my retirement, I knew the salary cap would increase. It’s time to pay players better. If we want women’s hockey to continue to grow, we better pay them. “

According to Pelletier, women’s hockey has everything it needs to follow in the footsteps of women’s soccer and basketball, which have seen huge progress in recent years. He also took the opportunity to salute the patrons who decided to invest in his sport.

“For every sport, investors need to move forward. People are doing it to put money into women’s hockey now because they want to invest in the future. I believe it will continue to move forward and the day is probably not far before a player will receive an annual salary of $ 100,000, ”he said.

As for Grant-Mentis, Marie-Jo Pelletier insists she deserves every cent of her new contract.

“He’s a hockey player,” he said. I was even surprised that he wasn’t on the national team yet. It may not be Marie-Philip Poulin, but she really has a lot of talent. She is a woman very hard to resist.

In other words … Marie-Jo Pelletier strongly doubts that the Olympians of Canada and the United States will join the PHF ranks. “I believe they are determined to have their own league, so I will be surprised to see them come to our league,” he said. adding two new franchises to be announced later this summer … Mikyla Grant-Mentis has played for the Toronto Six for the past two seasons. He even won rookie titles and was the most important player on the circuit in 2020-2021…

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