HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review

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(Pocket -lint) – With battery life claims beyond anything we’ve seen in a gaming headset, HyperX’s Cloud Alpha Wireless threatens to knock its competition out of the water.

It’s not your typical headset, and the impressive 300-hour battery life isn’t the only selling point. With its compatibility with PCs and PlayStation consoles, it becomes an even more intriguing prospect to consider.

While it is one thing for a headset to be durable or support different platforms, it is another thing for it to be great in sound performance and comfort.

So we tested Cloud Alpha Wireless to see if it was a full-featured product or a one-hit pony. Let’s go.

Our quick review

The 300 hour battery life is a great feature, and we were really impressed that this claim was true in the test. After all, this is a place where 50 hours of battery life is usually quite long.

But what’s even better is that this superb battery life is just one of the things that Cloud Alpha Wireless makes.

The sound quality is excellent, and these are the most comfortable wireless headphones we’ve tested, thanks to the very lightweight construction that can stay in your head for hours. It’s nice, well -built, and has a solid microphone that you can remove when you don’t need it.

All the conditions are met here, and we even think that the price of the helmet is reasonable, especially considering that it will redefine an important area.

It’s pretty home run for HyperX, honestly. We just wanted it to have Bluetooth or wired support and could deploy to Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switches.

HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: The Market Leader

4.5 stars – Pocket -lint is recommended


  • Incredible battery life
  • very comfortable
  • Sounds good

  • No Bluetooth or wired connection
  • NGenuity failed
  • Cross compatibility is limited.



  • Only available in black and red
  • 322g
  • Detachable microphone

HyperX headsets have a fairly simple look – usually distinguished by the bright red arms used to hold the ear cups in place. Cloud Alpha Wireless doesn’t break this tradition, it’s having fun with it.

Pocket-lintHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: A headset you can use forever picture 2

You’ll get a set of shiny metallic black ear cups with bright red wings to hold them, and a leatherette headband with red stitching to further highlight the color scheme. It’s a pretty cool look, though, let’s face it, fashion isn’t all that important in play.

The key here, really, is what the design feels like when you wear it, and the HyperX surpass themselves.

You’ll have a hard time finding a wireless headset that’s lighter on your head, with a nice and soft grip on the sides of your skull.

That means it was a pleasure to wear for long sessions, and we didn’t notice any discomfort even with the mirror throughout.

Pocket-lintHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: A headset you can use forever picture 3

There’s a nice, flexible microphone arm that you can attach or remove as needed, and it’s easy to position however you like, which is always appreciated for quick on-the-fly adjustment.

The microphone tip also features a welcome LED indicator to let you know if you’re muted – another handy information while you’re playing.

HyperX sticks to what it knows about Alpha Wireless Cloud, and there’s really nothing wrong with that approach.

sound quality

  • Support DTS Headphones: X, Spatial Audio
  • Dual Chamber Drivers
  • Low latency dongle

Things also look nice and impressive when you put Cloud Alpha Wireless to play. It offers great sound quality, enough to make immersive games bright.

Pocket-lintHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: A headset you can use endlessly photo 5

We played a bit Return to and spatial audio is in full swing, with directional cues and frightening sounds coming from all around us. And the same thing happened with a series of other titles.

Playing a multiplayer game with a cleaner sound palette also brings a successful game, with clear sound and the ability to hear footsteps and gunshots that are nice and loud along with other noise.

HyperX says this headset has a dual-chamber speaker system that should result in better sound. And while we can’t say it’s better than, say, the wireless Cloud II we used with HyperX before, that’s not a bad thing.

Pocket-lintHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: A headset you can use forever picture 4

Connecting is nice and simple when using the included dongle, and this doodah is nice and compact, meaning you don’t have a big USB stick dangling from a port waiting to fall over or jost around.

If you need to connect with a cable to ensure as low latency as possible, you can easily do this using the USB-C port, so all options are possible except Bluetooth.

This boom mic also delivers very solid vocal performance, although relatively quiet until we increase our mic volume on the PC and PS5. Once you have found the right level for your voice, it will be clear and crisp.


  • Autonomy of 300 hours
  • Works on PlayStation consoles

This aspect may sit when considering sound quality and design, but one of the main reasons for choosing Cloud Alpha Wireless over other comparable headsets is that you rarely charge it.

Pocket-lintHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: A headset you can use forever picture 7

The advertised battery life is 300 hours, and we found that claim to be very good in our testing, with multiple time sessions only reducing battery life by one or two percentage points at most .

The HyperX has brilliantly benefited from this by showing the headset its battery percentage when you turn it on, letting you know if you need to charge it. However, in such a long lifespan, it often serves to remind you how long it has been since an emergency.

This is essentially the new standard for wireless headsets, and it’s a standard that most HyperX’s competition is far lacking. This allows you to leave the headphones cordless for several weeks without fear of getting caught short.

Pocket-lintHyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless Review: A headset you can use forever picture 9

And, as mentioned above, we tested the headset on PC and PS5. It also works on the PS4, making it pretty versatile, though it won’t be included with Xbox consoles and Switches. It’s not a big deal right now, but there are now a decent amount of headsets out there with cross-platform compatibility, so at least it gives HyperX something to work with.

In terms of controls, there are some welcome ones in the earbuds themselves with Cloud Alpha Wireless. On one side is the USB-C charging port, power button, and quick mute button, while the other side features a wheel to increase or decrease the volume. Again, some headsets offer more, but these are the ones we use so nothing is missing.

The final mention here is reserved for HyperX’s PC personalization software, called NGenuity-unfortunately it doesn’t conform to the hardware standards in question.

You can adjust the EQ and some other settings, but this is not a children’s game. Again, HyperX needs to do this.

To recap

The HyperX has gone through a storm in the form of Cloud Alpha Wireless – a headset that sounds great and delivers battery life that shouldn’t be possible. Its price is also reasonable, in our opinion, making it one of the best headsets we’ve tested.

Written by Max Freeman-Mills. Edited by Conor Allison.

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