Taoglas Waste Technologies and TELUS offer smarter waste management solutions and services

The collaboration will improve operational efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of communities

LAS VEGAS, May 10, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-WasteExpo Exhibition Taoglas Waste TechnologiesCM, the leading provider of enterprise resource planning solutions for intelligent waste management, has announced a strategic partnership with TELUS, a world leader in communications technology. This collaboration will improve the lives of citizens and increase the efficiency and sustainability of communities, thanks to an innovative solution for smart waste management. By integrating TELUS smart city solutions with the Taoglas Waste Insights software platformCMmunicipalities are able to optimize the operations of waste management systems.

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According to the World Bank Group*, more than two billion tons of municipal solid waste are generated each year. More than a third of this waste is mismanaged by sending it to open landfills or by incineration. Forecasts indicate a 70 percent increase in solid waste over the next few years. If waste management does not change, the global waste crisis will worsen.

In partnership with TELUS, the Taoglas Waste Insights solution addresses this important challenge in several ways:

  • It is now possible to increase efficiency and improve sustainability by monitoring and analyzing waste movement using sensors and various insights and in -depth analysis.

  • Operational and infrastructure savings can be achieved by reducing the number of vehicles and garbage dumps. Fuel and service costs will also be reduced.

  • It is possible to improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, overflowing garbage dumps, noise and fuel consumption.

Commenting on this initiative, Marshall Berkin, Vice President, Industry Solutions, TELUS Business Solutions, said, “Our smart city solutions help cities run more efficiently. Waste management systems can be quite to improve on these innovative technologies.We are pleased to partner with Taoglas Waste Technologies to provide smart waste management solutions across Canada.These solutions provide significant business benefits and, most importantly, improve our environment in a sustainable way. »

By using technology to optimize information sharing, TELUS achieves better results for people and businesses in our communities by improving public safety, promoting sustainability and improving operations in by people.

Leon Hayes, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Taoglas Waste Technologies, said, “We are pleased to partner with TELUS as part of our shared vision to provide smart city managers with innovative technologies to improve the lives of all. citizens. This smart collaboration allows us to combine a complementary set of skills and experience in the fields of connectivity, waste management as well as equipment and software design expertise. »

For more information about Taoglas Waste Technologies, visit our booth at the WasteExpo exhibit (booth 3709) or request a demo of the platform by contacting our regional sales team.

To learn more about TELUS smart city solutions, please visit telus.com/smartcity.

* https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/handle/10986/30317


TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is a dynamic communications technology company and a global leader, with $ 17 billion in annual revenue and 17 million wireless customer connections, its data and voice services, services IP services and its television, video, entertainment and security services. Our social goal is to use our innovative technologies and compassion to make amazing social change and impact on the human level. We have long put customers first. This orientation is reflected in all our fields of activity and has allowed us to be an undeniable leader in loyalty and customer service. Each year, TELUS receives numerous awards from independent companies recognized for their network expertise. These awards confirm the power and speed of our world-class networks and our commitment to providing Canadians with the cutting-edge technologies that connect us with the people, resources and information that make our lives better. .

TELUS Health is Canada’s leader in digital health technologies. It improves access to health and wellness services, and changes the flow of medical data across the continuum of care. TELUS Agriculture provides innovative digital solutions to players in the agriculture value chain. It improves food production by using better processes and using agribusiness data. TELUS International (TSX and NYSE: TIXT) is evolving in the field of digital customer experience. It designs, manufactures and delivers next-generation content moderation and artificial intelligence solutions for companies that make up the global marketplace. It is active in high-growth sectors, such as technology and gaming, communications and media, e-commerce and fintech. TELUS and TELUS International operate in 28 countries.

Given the deep-rooted community philosophy of the company “We give where we live” and its visionary determination to enthusiastically connect all citizens to make the world a better place, the members of the TELUS team, present and retired, has offered more than $ 900 million and 1.8 million days of community service since 2000. The unprecedented generosity of team members and their incredible volunteering has made TELUS the most generous company in the world. . Let’s create a better future together.

To learn more about TELUS, visit telus.com and follow us on Twitter (@TELUSnews) and on Instagram (@Darren_Entwistle).


Taoglas Waste Technologies creates smart and sustainable waste solutions through technology. These solutions provide companies, connect cities and enable the waste industry to better manage its assets. Taoglas Waste Technologies is on a mission to integrate technology into the most resourceful industries around the world to drive efficiency, improve operational results, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The range of smart hardware and software solutions is seamlessly integrated with current business processes and transforms waste management with in -depth insights and analytics. The Taoglas Waste Insights solution is the leading enterprise resource planning system for smart waste management for businesses and municipalities.

Taoglas Waste Technologies is owned by Taoglas, a global leader in advanced technologies for a smarter world. With world-class design, consulting and engineering expertise, as well as support and testing centers around the world, Taoglas has proven expertise in transportation, waste management, connected healthcare, smart cities and smart buildings .

To learn more about Taoglas Waste Technologies, visit waste.taoglas.com.

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