PCI Pharma Services Announces Significant Labor Expansion Through $ 100 Million Investment in New England, Ensuring Global Capability for Customers

The facilities cover the latest sterile lyophilization and liquid filling technologies to support the global pharmaceutical supply chain and meet industry trends

PHILADELPHIA, May 10, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-PCI Pharma Services (PCI), a global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), today announced a significant expansion of its capabilities with aseptic liquid fill-finish technology and sterile freeze -drying, a basic manufacturing process commonly used for injectable and biologic therapies. The company will invest $ 100 million to build and upgrade a world-class facility on its Bedford, New Hampshire campus.

Following the acquisition of PCI by Lyophilization Services of New England, Inc. (LSNE) in December 2021, the expansion plan calls for a facility of more than 4,600 square meters, allowing PCI to expand the scope of its services as a global CDMO, using expertise in biologics packaging and specialty manufacturing with a multi-product facility to serve its current and future customer base. The facility will contain state -of -the -art technology, including an aseptic fill and finish line with a fully insulated containment system. It will also have two twin freeze dryers with automatic loading and unloading systems, with a capacity of 400 vials per minute in a sterile fill-finish line, to speed up marketing time and offer faster to patients of therapy.

The Bedford facility will ensure that PCI is ahead of the growing demand for integrated solutions for small and large molecules from clinical and commercial customers. Following PCI’s recently announced construction of the New England Center of Clinical Excellence in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, the Bedford site is ideally placed to provide a centralized hub for its customers in the Northeast. PCI also plans to expand three additional Bedford-based facilities with superior aseptic fill-finish and freeze-drying capabilities to meet market and specialty customer needs.

“We are excited to introduce our new facility to our customers, which is part of our overall strategy to provide integrated end-to-end drug development, manufacturing and packaging capabilities,” said Salim Haffar, CEO of PCI Pharma Services. “By investing in these facilities, PCI aims to continue developing new capabilities in complex formulations, aseptic fill-finish and freeze-drying to meet the needs of our global customers as the industry continues to grow. biologics.growth trajectory.

This announcement concludes a series of global expansions the company has completed on multiple continents and five additional locations, including Berlin, San Diego, Rockford, Illinois and Melbourne, Australia. PCI sites in San Diego and Melbourne combined state-of-the-art equipment offering aseptic fill and finish capabilities in February 2022 with the aim of enhancing the global offering and providing the necessary capacity to customers at an early stage. The new Bedford facility is intended for high volume freeze drying, liquid filling and handling of multiple products from one format to another. PCI will also continue to expand capacity at its other aseptic fill-finish facilities, including León, Spain and Madison, Wisconsin, and plans to hire additional manufacturing teams, increase investment and expand the provision of transformative therapies. of life in patients.

For more information on PCI’s capabilities in aseptic fill, finish and freeze drying, please click here.

About PCI Pharma Services

PCI is a leading global CDMO that provides its customers with end-to-end integrated drug development, manufacturing and packaging capabilities to bring their products to market faster and increase their chances of business success. PCI brings its undisputed experience after more than 50 successful product launches per year and more than fifty years in the health services industry. We currently have 30 sites in seven countries (Australia, Canada, USA, Ireland, Wales, Germany and Spain) and over 4,300 staff working to deliver life -changing treatments for patients. Innovative technology and ongoing investment enable us to meet worldwide drug development needs throughout the product life cycle-from manufacturing capabilities, to testing logistics, to clinics. in market performance. Our customers regard us as an extension of their business and a collaborative partner with a single goal: to improve the lives of patients.

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