LinkedOut: inclusive recruitment

More diversity, more integration … on paper, everyone agrees. But from there to jump, there is a chasm. Where to start? What are the risks? What are the benefits? The Entourage network came up with “LinkedOut”, a digital tool integrated with field support. Purpose: to promote meetings between companies and candidates.

It’s a social digital start-up: LinkedOut, “the network of those without it”, puts itself at the service of candidates “with great precariousness, willing and motivated to work” which it makes visible thanks to profile sharing.

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Users of more traditional social networks, especially Linkedin with which LinkOut*collaborates, are invited to open their networks and viralize CVs. But that’s not all. At the same time, LinkedOut is knocking on companies ’doors to offer them to recruit others.

Because of this we are resistant to the clash of two worlds: the unemployed on the one hand, with no contacts have very little chance of finding work, and recruiters on the other hand, whose habits are often very -codified.

The fears are true on both sides, and if the digital tool is essential to reach the greatest number, human support is just as valuable. There is no question of sending “LinkedOut” candidates to the employer without a gateway.

What is the role of digital in the integration model?

file inclusion war of talents This gateway is the association group. To enable candidates to “find a place in the company and in society”, it provides them with individual coaches and offers them training as needed.

On the part of the recruiters, its support was strong during the candidate’s boarding.
“It’s normal for companies to need resources and support to integrate candidates who are sometimes too far away from work and company codes,” underlined Amandine Milcent, LinkedOut project director, and that’s just our challenge in finding the right balance. »

LinkedOut wondered about the digital part of its model: where to place the cursor? “We spent time before fully understanding where” tech “served our impact, and where it could break it. For example, we chose to maintain appointments between candidates and their coaches, in physics to maintain the human and social link. »

So far, more than 70 companies have played, for one hundred candidates recruited. Among these, there is ManoMano, Cegedim, FoodChéri, or ID2.

Good stories have been forged for 3 years. There is an example of Ali, who was recruited into ManoMano customer service. “After a relocation trip, Ali, who does not speak French, could not find a job. But he speaks Arabic, Italian and English, with incredible interpersonal skills,” said Amandine Milcent. . Today, he is an important collaborator. In general, it is better to start with the candidate and see what he or she can bring to the company, than the opposite: try to align him or her with a pre -established job description. »

Really evoke the “changing encounter”

Another great adventure, Billy’s, recruited on a work-study basis to DSI the Pluralle group, a wealth management consulting company (800 employees) that created the position especially for him.

“I introduced him to Pluralle’s President, Julien Joubert, and to his DSI Pascal Muller,” explains Vincent Picard, senior advisor for Entourage. I’ve done 20 years of recruiting. Everyone thinks the idea of LinkOut.But to take full action, it is often otherwise.It is for this reason that we need people who are driving the forces within and to conduct meetings between the candidate and the employer. A CV is not enough. »

Vincent called it a “transforming encounter”. And because of their exchange with Amandine, there’s no doubt: these meetings are beautiful and likely to be life -changing.

An initiative to be followed, therefore; because LinkOut itself set the goal for 2023 to support at least 500 candidates.

*LinkedOut is a project led by the Entourage association, which allows support of the most precarious people or in an exclusion situation for return to work. Linkin supports the mission and values ​​transmitted by this device, and has contributed to the launch of this project by providing limited use of its LinkedOut brand through license.

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