Bourg-Madame-Pyrénées business summit, a cross-border day to innovate

As part of the European project Poctefa CCI pirineusmed II, the CCI Occitanie and the CCI des Pyrénées-Orientales, in support of the Cambras de comerç of Girona, Lerida and Andorra CCI in collaboration with Bourg-Madame, the cross-border cluster Sol Soleil, Agence des Pyrénées, the Voyageons national portal network, organized the 2nd Pyrénées business summit. This event, financially supported by the European Regional Development Fund, focuses on the themes of sport, health and food.

More than a hundred people were present at 3at edition of the Pyrénées business summit, after Bolquère and Les Angles, on the themes of sport, health and food as new drivers of economic development in the Pyrenees.

This event for cross-border companies and public actors took place in the presence of Thibault Félix, sub-prefect for Recovery, Laurent Gauze, president of CCI 66 (Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Michel Garcia, departmental councilor who representing Hermeline Malherbe and two intermunicipal presidents, Georges Armengol and Pierre Bataille. Daniel Armisen, the town’s mayor, introduced the morning. “This edition brings together key actors and decision makers, drawn from Andorra, Catalonia and France thanks to the relentless mobilization of CCI 66, Occitanie and the chambers of commerce of‘Andorra Girona and Lerida and their respective kingpins“.

Then, Michel Garcia took the floor, followed by Laurent Gauze, president of CCI 66 who presented the day. Josep Maria Piqué, General Director of Health in Andorra, Antoine Le Bellec, CNEA Director at Font-Romeu and Xavier Espuña in turn brought their expertise in health, sports and food. The testimony of Cécile Hernandez (see box) was, without a doubt, the highest point of the day. A round table, moderated by Geneviève Clastres, journalist for Voyageons in another way, enabled a dozen local players (Clinique du souffle, Font-romeu Pyrénées 2000 station, UCPA, Cal l’Andreu,, Sol soleil, Esports cluster, Roc roi, Chemin faire) to bring their testimony to their respective fields of intervention. The round table was closed by Domitien Detrie, director of the Agence des Pyrénées.

Mobilize public assistance

A focus was made on public assistance that could be mobilized on each side of the border to support VSE-SMEs and the territories on the themes discussed, the new economic drivers of the Pyrenees. Claire Sarda Vergès (Director of Europe Direct Pyrénées) and Florent Martiche (European Fund PO Department) spoke for Europe, Thibaut Félix (Sub-Prefect for Recovery) at Recovery Plan France, David Torelles (Delegate Acció Alt Pirineu i Aran) for Generalitat and Anna Estel (responsible for Andorra Business institutional relations) for Andorra. “VSand event reinforces our desire to integrate cross-border territory into future European and national projects and contribute to the mobilization of resources and activation of cross-sector synergies and public-private partnerships, to make it pilot territory of excellence that is attractive, modern, with an exceptional quality of life “, summed up the organizers.

Georges Armengol and Pierre Bataille graduated Pyrenees business summit, “initiative aimed at creating a space for discussion and sharing of new challenges to develop original models of development in favor of the economy of tomorrow in the Pyrenees and to establish on this basis the prospects for deployment of innovative integrated projects for the territories. Discussions continued around stands and inevitable tasting of local products.

Cécile Hernandez: “My legs are paralyzed”

Gold medalist at the Paralympic Games in Beijing, Cécile Hernandez made an impressive intervention. It was through videoconference that the champion, who trains at Angles and Cerdagne, delivered an intense testimony. Besides, who is better than him to talk about sport, health and diet? He was stricken 20 years ago with multiple sclerosis that appeared overnight, ”I woke up one morning in October, my legs paralyzed. I was told that I might never walk again or that I would have a few more years to live. This sclerosis is now my strength, my uniqueness and my champion. I reorganized my personal and professional life. I wanted to stay in the Pyrenees to train because I had everything thereLaurent Gauze, president of CCI 66 gave him the medal for his unwavering commitment to the region.

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