PS plunged into the union of the left, Pécresse refused money from Sarkozy, LREM was reborn without a woman

37 days before the first round of legislative elections, the PS National Council ratified the agreement with the LFI.

Travel to the end of Nupes

It’s been a long night. With his hot blasts, his sharp interventions and unanswered questions. On Thursday, May 5, the Socialist Party, meeting in the National Council, approved the agreement with France Insoumise and has now joined the New Popular Ecologist and Social Union (Nupes), which was confirmed with 167 votes for 101 against and 17 abstention. Since former President of the Republic François Hollande “rejected” this agreement and Bernard Cazeneuve announced that he was knocking on the door, Olivier Faure feared this vote. During the day, he was somewhat relaxed by the tacit support of Martine Aubry and Anne Hidalgo. For him and the management, it was a success. For the minority, on the other hand, it is an alliance against nature, a submission to the radical theses of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The sequel after the ad

For four long hours, each other took turns at the microphone to try to convince. With more or less modesty, Hélène Geoffroy, Patrick Menucci or Rachid Temal, all three members of the current minority, hit on the “conspiracy” of the LFI leader, his desire to “violate European agreements”, the his pro-Russian passions and left his acquaintances to a communitarian. “Hold on to your seats when the maximo leader gives the line”, advised former MP Patrick Mennucci. For a better question: What do you do when you have to allow burkinis in swimming pools, when you have to join the Bolivarian alliance? » Outgoing deputy Lamia El Araaje, whose election was annulled, and who was ousted in the agreement in favor of Insoumise Danielle Simonnet, appeared to denounce a “unequal” and does not remove the display anyway. In Ivry-sur-Seine, the fate of this “sacrifice” mobilized everyone.

For their part, Olivier Faure, as well as mayor Nancy Mathieu Klein and senator Laurence Rossignol accepted an agreement obtained with forceps and based on a principle of reality: Anne Hidalgo exceeded only 3% in 12 constituencies. In their eyes, this deal will allow PS to survive. It certainly put him back in the middle of the left and in opposition to Emmanuel Macron. It will remain to manage the case of “wild” candidates, supported by Carole Delga, the president of Occitanie or Michael Delafosse, the mayor of Montpellier, who are both opposed to this union. “Opponents are mechanically excluded”, warning by Olivier Faure. It’s the next battle.

The United Macronie

That was one of his priorities. From April 10, Emmanuel Macron expressed loudly and clearly his desire to set up ” a great political movement of unity and action for our country “. The Head of State then had a very specific idea in mind: to create a solo and powerful party, a kind of ersatz UMP created by Jacques Chirac in the first months of his second term.

A month later, this great idea is definitely buried. Macronie finally chose to create a confederation that brought together, among others, La République en Marche (LREM), MoDem and Horizons. Richard Ferrand, François Bayrou and Édouard Philippe, appeared, unanimously, at LREM headquarters for a press conference.

The sequel after the ad

“Together”: Macronie conducts its unity before the legislative election

The “Rebirth” of LREM

The president’s party, which is no longer very prosperous, decided to change its name to be Renaissance “. Nothing new: this is the name of the Macronist list during the European elections in May 2019, and the simple French translation of Renew ”, name of the group which includes LREM in the European Parliament. “Today we are beginning a movement to re -establish La République en Marche in order to continue to expand the political movement created by Emmanuel Macron over six years ago into a political party that will bear the name of the Renaissance”indicated its general delegate Stanislas Guerini at a press conference in Paris.

A new name therefore, but also the will of a “popular party that aims to be open”. Probably to the women in the first place, which is sorely lacking among Richard Ferrand, Edouard Philippe, Stanislas Guerini and François Bayrou.

Legislative environment of Mélenchon

For political scientist Rémi Lefebvre, Jean-Luc Mélenchon “One thing has been achieved: to make these elections a real event”he explains in an interview with “Obs”. “Legislative elections have become a formality that follows the presidential election, and for the first time in a long time, they have become very political again”, said the professor of political science. A first success “pragmatic” leader of the “rebels” sought by forming a union on the left needed to become Prime Minister.

“Jean-Luc Mélenchon succeeded in making legislative elections a political event”

As for the violent criticism against this agreement, particularly within the Socialist Party, they have an explanation. “This is the first time in the history of the left that an alliance has been formed for the benefit of the most radical party”studies Rémi Lefebvre.

The sequel after the ad

“Unless times have changed, and it seems radicalism can also be consolidated. […] Old socialist veterans remain in a retinal image of PS hegemony. »

Valls, Blanquer … first nomination for majority

Former Prime Minister Manuel Valls has invested a presidential majority in the 5th constituency of French people living abroad for the legislative election, as well as ministers Jean-Michel Blanquer in the Loiret and Gabriel Attal in the Hauts- de-Seine, according to a document released Thursday night.

Legislative: Darmanin, Borne, Wargon … update on ministerial candidacies

Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne invested in Calvados and Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin in the North, according to this document that compiled the first wave of 187 most investments. Olivier Dussopt will present himself at the Ardèche and LR Eric Woerth’s rally in his Oise constituency.

Assembly President Richard Ferrand will go to Finistère while Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune will be a candidate in Paris. As announced earlier on Thursday, Emmanuelle Wargon, Minister Delegate for Housing, will arrive in Val-de-Marne. For Amélie de Montchalin, Minister of Change and Public Service, she will try her luck in Essonne.

Pécresse declined Sarkozy’s check

He wanted to clear his conscience, it paid him – literally. Nicolas Sarkozy made, ten days ago, a bank transfer of 2,000 euros, according to “le Parisien” – in favor of Valérie Pécresse, who launched an appeal for donations the day after the first round of the presidential election. Help from the boss of the Ile-de-France region “former head of state was recredited yesterday”displays the Politico site. “She’s not asking for charity, but solidarity and friendship. She’s a noble woman.”entrusted to our colleagues the entourage of the former Republicans (LR) candidate at the Elysée.

The sequel after the ad

In LR, it’s Sarkozy’s children who dream of freeing themselves from the former president

On the strength of 2.5 million euros collected to fill the hole of 7 million euros left over from his failure in the presidential election (4.78% of the vote, less than the 5% threshold that makes it possible to obtain reimbursement of costs) , Valérie Pécresse was given the luxury of refusing financial aid from the person who never gave him moral support during the campaign. According to comments reported in the press, the former head of state was very harsh on the LR candidate: “nothing”, “Valérie didn’t understand”, “He can advise to quote me” … He even called on April 12 to vote for Emmanuel Macron in the second round, without a word for his former minister.

Rescue who can in LR

Invested for the legislative election, some Republican candidates preferred to step down after the bitter failure of the presidential election. “Leaving our candidates with a capital of 4.78%”or Valérie Pécresse’s score in the first round, evaluating an elected official along with the AFP. “Besides, we have a united left, Emmanuel Macron who won, a National Rally who is in good shape … We will need a great ability to perform”it added the elected official “Don’t think an LR, no matter how brilliant, wins a circo if he’s not outgoing”.

On the horizon of legislative elections, the LR house is scattered like a puzzle

So everyone goes there with their explanation to escape: a disagreement over the party orientation for some (Soizic Perrault, Laura Cinieri, François Lagarde), their local commands for others (Nicolas Florian, Yves Foulon, Marie-Pierre Callet). But the main problem, an LR representative summarizes it in one sentence: “ If it earns 2% and can’t be paid for its campaign costs… ”. Not sure if Nicolas Sarkozy was there to respond to all calls for donations.

Another LREM MP was identified

Do LREM representatives have problems with their cost reports? After the withdrawal of MP Coralie Dubost, it was the turn of Patricia Mirallès, her neighbor in the Hérault district, who was in turmoil. Mediapart announced that the MP for Development Territories, a microparty affiliated with the majority, is also falling behind in his advance for mandate costs. The money will be used specifically to pay for a hotel during his son’s move or to pay a computer bill for his daughter.

The sequel after the ad

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Patricia Mirallès reacted on Twitter by evoking “lie” ng “melenchonist press”. “The witch hunt is open, I’m not surprised to be an easy target”he wrote in a press release.

While Emmanuel Macron and his teams continue to arbitrate the majority of candidates for the June 12 and 19 ballots, these accusations threaten to leave new areas to be filled. Lots of potential drop points for Manuel Valls.

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