Launch WANdisco Edge to Cloud to enable IoT data on scale

The data -enabled solution makes fast -growing IoT datasets available in any cloud with unparalleled speed and size

SAN RAMON, Calif., May 6, 2022 / PRNewswire/ – The connected device’s data is trapped on the side, severely limiting the amount it can make
for companies. Now, WANdisco Edge to Cloud, the IoT data enablement solution, was launched to enable the efficient transfer of exabytes of Edge data for use in any cloud environment. This first-of-its-kind solution directly connects IoT data storage to cloud-based AI, machine learning, and analytics applications, enabling each sensor-generated data point to add business value and lucrative.

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The number of connected devices in the world can reaches 24.6 billion by 2025, where each device generates an uninterrupted stream of data to the nearest edge of its data center. Moving this data to the cloud is the only way for companies with thousands of edge centers to collectively analyze sensor data, a time-consuming and tedious process that can take years and cost. of millions of dollars.

“Interpreting all of your IoT data is a generational opportunity for businesses. It will transform companies in industries such as manufacturing, telecommunications, energy and equipment, healthcare and automotive into companies. data, “he said David Richards, co-founder and CEO of WANdisco. “But with sensors in almost everything, 78% of data managers say data growth exceeds analytics. They’re trapped around, and trapped data means trapped revenue. Edge accelerates. to Cloud processing this data, on a scale, where exactly it needs to have an impact. »

Edge to Cloud scale to support the world’s largest IoT datasets. A multinational manufacturing company serving the transportation industry uses the solution to activate exabytes of vehicle sensor data. Edge to Cloud transfers several petabytes of data per day, to an exabyte of data per year. To put this in perspective: every word mankind utters is estimated at five exabytes.

Key differences between WANdisco Edge in the Cloud include:

  • Automation : Automate the movement of IoT data and size files across edge systems, data centers and public clouds.
  • Scalability : Scale horizontally to support any data size and take full advantage of network bandwidth.
  • Flexibility : Enjoy the freedom of choice to move data to any public cloud, use multiple clouds, and avoid vendor lock-in.

Edge to Cloud is powered by WANdisco’s Data Enablement Platform that enables seamless data transfer between edge systems, on-premises data centers, and public cloud environments with unparalleled speed and size, and no delay. or business risk. To learn more about integrating the Edge in the Cloud solution into your IT infrastructure, Click here. To learn more about WANdisco’s Data Enablement Platform, visit

About WANdisco

WANdisco is the first and only data enabling platform to accelerate digital resizing. WANdisco makes it possible to act on endless data in the clouds and businesses in real time. WANdisco customers unlock the value of cloud business without downtime, data loss or delays in enabling AI and machine learning, creating new services and transforming businesses. To learn more about WANdisco, visit

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