External growth, the primary option for HelloWork to develop

And six! With its acquisition of startup Basile, a recruitment expert through co-optation, HelloWork swallowed a sixth young shoot to expand its activity. In fact, in the continued logic of external growth since 2014, the company seeks to gradually complete its service offer. A project that is not afraid to be carried out by specialist work, training and recruitment in conjunction with another big step, because the company recently changed its identity, moving from RegionsJob to HelloWork.

Although the company has already bought two startups from time to time: the multi-cast recruitment software Talentplug in 2014 and the recruitment management tool Talent Detection in 2016, in 2018 HelloWork formally and outlines the external growth strategy. its. Supported by the press group Le Télégramme, its shareholder, the company was given an envelope of 30 million euros to carry out various takeovers.

JobiJoba, Diplomeo, Seekube and Basil

From that moment, our activity is no longer limited to working in the regions, we want to be broaderrecalled David Beaurepaire, deputy director of Hellowork. For every tool we want to include in our services, we think about whether it’s better to invest organically, in in-house technologies, or whether it’s better to buy another company. We usually decide on a time criterion: will the solution development be faster with our internal teams or the procurement? »

Based in Rennes, the company with 430 employees made the following acquisitions:

  • JobiJoba, in 2018: in this operation, HelloWork prides itself on the ability to kill three birds with one stone. ” This company offers the same job aggregator in 13 countries, a CV matching solution that counts large groups such as Axa or Carrefour as clients with CV Catcher, and a white label activity for highlighting work for local authoritiesrecollection of David Beaurepaire. From this acquisition we have operated mechanically with a structuring buyout per year on average »;
  • Diploma, in 2019: this acquisition allowed HelloWork to have a foothold in the orientation and initial training sector;
  • Seekube, in 2021: after a break in 2020 to focus on crisis management at Covid-19, HelloWork will relaunch its external growth strategy by hiring Seekube, an expert in arranging meeting events between candidates and company, face to face or remotely;
  • Basil, in 2022: by offering this recruiting solution through co-optation, David Beaurepaire proved that HelloWork adds a solid string to its bow by “ creating better and fully necessary cooptation policies, in this context of skills shortages and talent wars “.

Take care of onboarding

If the takeover represents a business opportunity, it’s also a conference question, warns the HelloWork general delegate. “ We’re talking about a very human topic, it’s important that the current passes the leaders, that we’re all on stage, and we want to keep the leaders if they want to participate in the HelloWork adventure. ”, he insisted, noting that he also pays attention to learning the skills of the startup teams he intends to acquire.

And the work is far from over when the operation is over, on the contrary. ” The main point is to take care of the onboarding of the company and of the teams upon their arrivaladded David Beaurepaire. This is the best way to ensure that the fusion will be smooth afterwards and synergies are naturally created “. To do this, the Deputy Director recommends favoring informal contacts as much as possible:” In our Paris offices, we put it all together in one place. It is important that, even if the employees are working on different activities, everyone can meet. This is how we advance projects and generate ideas. »

HelloWork is also very careful to continue to improve the skills of its sales teams with new integrated products, ” and it doesn’t happen for five minuteswarning by David Beaurepaire. A short email of a few lines is not enough, it requires deep and voluntary acculturation. »

For the next five years, the company intends to continue this momentum of external growth, with an acquisition, ” see more “, per year. If right now, acquisitions are primarily used to expand the range of services offered, in this case, HelloWork could turn its gaze to companies outside France to accelerate around the world, where it currently generates only 2% of its business turnover.Finally, the company wants to continue to expand the panel of sectors it addresses, and specifically intensify its activities by seeking to integrate solutions in HR for employees.

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