DRC: 20 years of digitizing in service communities, Vodacom Congo reiterates its desire to be in the best technology to innovate more

2002 – 2022, 20 years ago to this day, the telecommunications company Vodacom was founded in the Democratic Republic of Congo. A Vodatalk – Show under the theme “Digitalization and Progress” was organized this Friday, May 6 at the Pullman Hotel to showcase its contribution to the social development of the DRC through its continued collaboration with its loyal partners, combined all sectors together.

For 20 years, Vodacom Congo has accepted the challenge of connecting the DRC to each other but also to the world. The country’s leading telecommunications operator is delighted to have won this challenge. Currently, Vodacom Congo covers all major cities and thousands of rural areas previously isolated from the rest of the country and the world.

“This time, Vodacom has allowed us to connect the deep Congo to a time in our history when the country was divided or we had our engineers, shadow heroes who deployed our sites in the sometimes difficult conditions by taking risks, by taking hard risks to connect the world to Congo and allow individuals, companies as well as our communities to communicate on 2G, 3G then on 4G. Vodacom has succeeded in supporting our country in difficult times, especially in times that we have done, thanks to the government and thanks to the action of all of us, to restore peace and unity to our country and this is a source of great pride for to Vodacom for being part of those who supported and contributed to the establishment of the country we have today, a big, strong country full of changes. We too, through these 20 years of change, have contributed to the development of all. Vodacom has from the beginning wanted to make sure that its contribution can be more than just the business field but to ensure that we can be at the forefront of change ”, said Khalil F. Al Americani, Director General of Vodavom Congo in his speech for the occasion.

And in detail:

“I will mention some small programs like moto molo where we send our young engineers and our young technicians and our young sellers to train in South Africa. Our colombis program is also where we send our teams in Italy, Germany and around the world to get the best possible training and technical skills in the field.I will also mention Exetat, which has allowed Congolese people and our children not to wait long weeks to get the results and get them digitally.We also contributed through our various programs to the establishment of programs such as Best of The Best that made it possible to highlight culture and music, Congolese art but as well as the launch of Exetat scholarships for our students and children, other programs such as Red Alert and the best of them a.

According to him, another biggest challenge his organization has accepted is to contribute to the destruction of inequality in the DRC. Also, it intends to do more in the coming years.

“Based on the principle that communication is a right for everyone and that is why as part of its deployment of 2G, 3G, 4G in rural sites, we made sure to connect as many people as possible with our networks .. The goal is to reduce this digital and digital divide in a world that has become a technological fare for us, our businesses, our children and future generations while keeping in mind the challenges of our country where 50% of our population remains connected, the The mobile Internet penetration rate remains a challenge as well as the banking rate.In this sense, we have also launched our M-Pesa electronic money platform over 10 years ago. ago. “, explained Khalil F. Al Americani.

And to continue:

“This celebration today is a commitment and call to all to continue to contribute in a positive, enthusiastic way to the development of our beloved country and to ensure that we leave to future generations a legacy that will provide allow them to face the open world.

For his part, the Minister of Digital, Eberande Kolongele, praised the work done by this company since it was installed in the DRC. He pledged his support to reduce the digital divide in the country.

“Over these two decades, the digital technology that the Head of State puts at the center of governance has played and continues to play a huge role. It is towards digital that your present and future prospects must turn, it must be a lever, the engine of growth for your company and for Congolese society as a whole. Reducing the digital divide is one of the development paths our country has chosen and that in this context, my ministry continues and will continue to support any initiative that is towards the direction of being able to reduce this digital divide. I would like to congratulate Vodacom and encourage it to invest more in the path of development and to meet the challenges it faces, ”said former deputy chief of staff Félix Tshisekedi.

In the same vein, 3 panels comprised of Vodacom Congo Staff members and partners presented around three different sub-themes, namely: 20 years of technological innovations to connect the deep Congo to the world; 20 years of innovative technologies for the development of all and 20 years of innovative technologies for the reduction of inequalities. In their interventions, the panelists showcased the company’s journey in serving communities, businesses and individuals over the past two decades.

“Services like borrowing units, you borrow and then you pay for your next recharge, these are the products that change people’s lives. Congo has a problem of insecurity, now I can recharge my Vodacom, especially mothers, we start calling you, to send you WhatsApp and text messages, we have created a service that allows to you now when you go to public cabins you recharge, you make a private number, we recharge this private number, you receive credit on your phone, to show you how much we all strive to Vodacom’s DNA, it protects against harassment, flights we expand for M-Pesa. These are innovative products that change people’s lives. You have a product like Papa Bonheur, sensitive parents, who don’t want to give money to their children, he recharges where he takes his package by connecting with his son, his wife, his driver, it’s revolutionary products. Now, we have a Sponsor account, you can call without credit, just need someone to put your number on their phone as a sponsor, you can call every time “, detailed Albert Mboyo, one of the panelists, Marketing Director and Commercial ai of Vodacom Congo.

Vodacom Congo, a subsidiary of Vodacom Group (Pty) Limited, South Africa, which in turn is a subsidiary of Vodafone Group International Ltd, United Kingdom (holding 65% of the shares), is a leading telecommunications company in the Democratic Republic du Congo, providing a wide range of communications services, including voice, messaging, Internet, financial services and convergent services to more than 16 million subscribers and businesses since 2002.

Vodacom Congo’s main mission in the DRC is “Connect Communities”. As a technology company, Vodacom Congo emphasizes its technology, products and services to connect individuals, communities and businesses in a world that has become highly digitized.

Vodacom Congo’s vision is based on three pillars: (i) a digital society, (ii) inclusion for all and (iii) protection of the planet.

Clement MUAMBA

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