Dokki: Cloud Learning as the new lever for companies

In 2022, these issues relate to HRDs as well as the Sales and Communication Departments, in a context where time and budgets are not extended.

This is to meet the challenge that the Futur Composé group has created Dokki, the CloudLearning® for customers and employees of SMEs and ETI.

A one-of-a-kind cloud learning platform

The platform is accessible on the Web and on mobile allowing each person to practice, gain knowledge, and understand any topic, anywhere and anytime, without impacting a production or a timetable.

This is possible thanks to content in microlearning format. Each topic is divided into educational capsules ranging from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, which summarize the essential elements to know in each theme addressed.

“The strength of this platform is both the ability to offer catalog content, but also highly personalized and fully” turnkey “training content according to the specific needs of our partners!»said Willy Leloutre-Got.

The different use cases of the platform

Depending on the needs of each partner, the Cloud Learning training platform fits different use cases.

This can, for example, facilitate the integration of an employee and make it possible to strengthen occupational safety and the quality of service, by capturing the key points of a workstation or machine tools. The mini-series of simulations allows salespeople to train to improve sales. Customers can also strengthen their business relationships with their customers by sharing information about their products and services.

Finally, the platform makes it possible to strengthen communication and thus increase the sense of belonging to a company, while supporting major changes, whether digital, environmental or social.

According to its creators, the simplicity and ergonomics of the interface guarantee immediate provisioning, the brevity of the content really offers long-term user interaction. Individual usage tracking enables the triggering of effective and realistic commercial and management actions.


Participation in their trade fairs in France

Faced with the success of its activity and to continue to promote it in France and internationally, the teams are present at several exhibitions dedicated to new technologies, training and innovation.

The company will meet many partners at the “Learning Technologies France” trade show, which is the largest national event in the field of technologies for training and learning. It will take place in Paris, Porte de Versailles, on May 18 and 19, 2022.

Dokki will also be present at the sixth edition of Viva Technology (Viva Tech), Europe’s largest exhibition focused on technology and innovation. It will also be held at the Portes de Versailles in Paris, from June 15 to 18.

Meet Dokki at the Global Tech Summit

The company will showcase from November 1 to 4 in Lisbon at the Web Summit, which could be presented as the world pinnacle of technology. But before that, the teams will be present at the eLearning Africa 2022 show, which will be dedicated to digital training in the Africa zone.

“The next few months will be attended by many shows, either in France or around the world. You will also find us at the NewWork show next July, and at some Learning meetings. Our team is pleased to let you know” Dokki method “as well as their Cloud Learning® application at all of these national and international fairs scheduled until next fall»end of the company’s co-founder, Willy Leloutre-Got.

If many French people want to complete some training courses during their professional careers to improve their skills and meet new market expectations, the company offers a “new generation” Cloud Learning solution which fits in every way to the needs of each company and each employee.

All of these players will meet company teams and test the training platform at several national and international fairs scheduled until next fall.

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