Charging stations in Windsor-Essex: “a good start, but we can do better”

Just a few months after the process began, Eric Freeze, the project coordinator at Energy of Essexthe entity that initiated Windsor-Essex Charge Uphe says he is very pleased with the way things are progressing.

The community is really responsive. We have already allocated all the funds we have, but that said, we still accept applications in case there is new funding.he explains.

[On commencera à installer les bornes] soon this summer, and they should all be installed before March 31, 2024. »

A quote from Eric Freeze, project coordinator at Energy of Essex.

This is 1.7 million dollars of financing alreadyEnergy of Essex shares in learning projects. Money from the zero-emission vehicle infrastructure program set by Natural Resources Canada.

Mr. is glad. Freeze on the enthusiasm the program is building in Windsor-Essex.

Photo: Chris Ensing/CBC News

With a total budget of $ 680 million, the program notably funds the installation of charging stations nationwide. The money spent in Windsor-Essex will allow the installation of approximately 105 level 2 charging stations and 30 fast charging stations.

Level 1 chargers use outlets common in homes such as toasters. Level 2 terminals are more or less those used for stoves. They can offer four times higher recharge than level 1 chargers. (New window)

We can do better

While automotive columnist Benoit Charette welcomes this announcement, he considers it could only be the beginning and believes that much more needs to be done if we want to achieve the goals set by the federal government, which is to just sell of electric vehicles from 2035.

We need to multiply by 10 what we have so far. So the fact that we’re installing a hundred of them is a start, but clearly it won’t be enough as demand grows.he says.

If we look at the 4 or 5 year horizon, we probably need to double, then triple the volume pretty quickly. [de bornes de recharge] that we have so far. »

A quote from Benoit Charette, automotive columnist

Mr. Charette recalled that several billion dollars of investment in Ontario’s automotive industry, particularly electric vehicles, was announced recently, which should result in rapidly increasing demand for charging stations.

Benoit Charette was standing near the back door of a white car.

Benoit Charette pleads for further planning.

Photo: Courtesy of Benoit Charette

He believes it is necessary to do planning to increase the number and quality of terminals installed.

There, what we have now are individual terminals, several terminals at a time. Can we provide charging centers at the height of what we have, for example, at a service station?he asked himself.

Can we have services connected to charging centers? For example, can only fast charging stations be planned? »

A quote from Benoit Charette, automotive columnist

Benoit Charette thinks users don’t want to be forced to wait a few hours on the side of highways to be able to recharge when they’re traveling.

Part of Ontario

the CEO of Electric Mobility Canada, Daniel Breton, is also pleading for the installation of more charging stations for electric vehicles in Windsor-Essex.

He thinks, in this area, Ontario should be more ambitious.

au niveau ontarien jusqu’ici c’est plutôt timide. Pour ne pas dire que pendant quatre ans, il y a eu des coupes dans les investissements dans les infrastructures de recharge”,”text”:”Pour le moment, au fédéral on voit des investissements, au niveau ontarien jusqu’ici c’est plutôt timide. Pour ne pas dire que pendant quatre ans, il y a eu des coupes dans les investissements dans les infrastructures de recharge”}}”>So far, at the federal level, we see investments, at the Ontario level right now are pretty shy. Not to say that in four years there have been reductions in infrastructure billing investmenthe explains.

So Ontario has some to do and Windsor is part of it. »

A quote from Daniel Breton, CEO of Electric Mobility Canada

Daniel Breton wants more partnerships to be established between the province and even cities, especially Windsor, and private companies so that the latter can also participate in the installation of electric charging stations.

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