Borderlands Money Farming Guide 3 – Get SDUs and Fast Money!

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Money is one of the most important resources for Vault Hunters in Borderlands 3. Although you naturally find money while playing Borderlands 3, there are some targeted methods that are more effective at collecting resources in Borderlands 3. help you make the most of your time in Borderlands with some effective techniques.

Our guide to Borderlands 3 Money Farm will guide you through the best ways to collect money in the game! Make sure you have all the money you need to get the upgrades, weapons, and items you need on your piracy adventure.

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What is the money for in Borderlands 3?

The money in Borderlands 3 allows users to buy a variety of weapons and shields from vendors, and this is the only way to buy SDUs. You will also need to spend money to restock ammo magazines while playing Borderlands 3, which increases the price of restock ammo based on your progress, Mayhem level, and difficulty in the game.

What is an SDU?

Players can purchase SDU upgrades to Sanctuary III from Marcus’ Munitions. SDU stands for Storage Deck Upgrade. SDUs allow players to carry more ammo, backpack items, grenades, and banking items. There are also SDUs that increase fallen loot items that you can pick up in Borderlands 3. Getting these upgrades is a must for gamers. Although upgrades start out cheap, the price goes up with every purchase of SDU players, with the final upgrades costing millions. You will need a lot of money to secure each of these upgrades.

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Borderlands 3 Farm Money

If you’re trying to get rich quick in Borderlands 3, be sure to try the following methods throughout the game. Feel free to mix things up and alternative techniques to prevent the process from becoming stale as you play.

Method 1: Reach the highest level and complete the story

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While there are some decent lower level money farming locations in Borderlands 3, it’s not worth it to start money farming in Borderlands 3 until you reach higher levels. The level cap in Borderlands 3 is 72, giving users plenty of work to do as they make their way through this looter-shooter. Throughout the story, players should get enough money to upgrade SDUs slightly, but money opponents drop to lower levels and the rewards players get, especially in Mayhem mode, will increase sharply. It’s important to note that some of the best ways to grind money in Borderlands 3 won’t open until after the end credits.

Method 2: Killing Circles

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If you’re trying to level up after beating the campaign in Borderlands 3 but want to earn a little bit of money at the same time, Circles of Slaughter is a great option. These locations launch hordes of enemies at players in waves through side missions that can be played over and over again. Gain experience as wads of money slash the bodies of your enemies in these destructive activities.

Method 3: Employer farming

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If you’re not much interested in experience and you just want money and loot, boss farming in Borderlands 3 is a great option. However, some bosses earn more money and are better on time. We recommend focusing on targets like Graveward because of how easy it is to kill. Tyreen the Destroyer, although a longer hunt, offers more money than Graveward, so go here if you want quick money. Once you have killed the boss, close your game session and reopen it to face the boss again.

Method 4: Moxxi’s Great Jackpot Heist

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While old -fashioned farming will still live on in Borderlands 3, the game’s first DLC, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot is one of the best places in the game to make money. With broken slots dropping tens of thousands of dollars after invading them, looted loaders roaming the street, and bosses getting more monetary rewards, this is the main place to make money, especially at higher levels and Mayhem modifier.

Method 5: Sell Items

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No matter where you are in Borderlands 3, enemies will drop loot. At higher levels, this loot becomes more valuable. When players reach the highest level, the gear they see in the game world can reach millions of global dollars per weapon. Be sure to pick up these guns and sell them to vendors to make quick money. Watch out for Rocket launchers in particular, as they are more valuable than other guns. Also be sure to check your missing loot regularly, selling any unwanted items to one of Borderlands 3’s many vendors for some easy money.

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