a cashier paid his debts by passing on to customers without paying!

To pay off his debts, a cashier charges only a few euros for the entire shopping cart. all the details in this story!

They left with a whole cart when they had only paid a few euros. Almost 24,000 euros were lost this way. The cashier collects the items, then cancels them, letting only a few, the cheaper ones, pass. Eight people, including four parents, allegedly benefited from this scam. They will all be tried by Nancy Criminal Court in November.

The cashier mess!

Scam attempts or actual scams involving supermarket employees regularly make headlines.

Last year, a cashier at a Carrefour store was sued by his boss. She took advantage of her position to charge less than the actual value of her sisters ’purchases on December 31, 2020.

A price difference of approximately 2,870 euros, as reported by our colleagues from Republican Lorrain on June 4, 2021. In May 2021, France Bleu reported that two employees of a Leclerc in Colmar stole more than 160,000 euros from the store where they work, for eight years. Two women in their fifties have been able to hide their small business all these years because they steal less than 1,000 euros per month.

The cashier stole from Leclerc’s cafeteria

A former waitress of the cafeteria at the Leclerc center in Châteaubriant, who hails from Riaillé, has been given a suspended prison sentence. He stole more than € 36,000.

It all started with a report. As the store management tried to understand the repeated errors in the cash register, two employees attacked one of their colleagues, a woman from Riaillé. CCTV analysis confirmed the suspicions.

The sexagenarian and cashier began by denying the facts, prompting investigators to reconstruct his purchases from his receipts and his loyalty card: € 26,263 in purchases were recorded with his own employer and € 2 375 elsewhere. Facing the recorded photos, he admitted he stole € 200 per week from his employer.

Unbeknownst to justice, he began to lose control from 2014, when he had many problems, he told the Nantes Criminal Court on April 13. The 60-year-old then used the money stolen from the till to shop at the hypermarket.

I regret it reveals the cashier, you can believe me. I can’t explain why I did it: I got used to it, probably because it was easy, and I couldn’t help it.

A broken woman who lost a leg

Despite these repeated thefts, the cashier was not fired. He even benefited from a contractual termination and earned € 10,400.

In fact, the labor inspectorate opposed a dismissal of him, after providing proof that the accusations were based on video surveillance, while the installation of the cameras was not subject to the employees ’prior agreement.

Me Stéphane Vallée, the defense attorney, spoke about a broken woman who lost a leg after her separation from her husband.

Instead of requesting an acquittal, he wanted to return to a more equitable scale the amounts claimed by Leclerc.

The former cashier was given a suspended prison sentence and his Volkswagen Tiguan was confiscated. Retrieved € 24,000 from his bank accounts.


A washing machine, speakers, smartphone, food processor and TV were also seized. The SAS (simplified joint-stock company) that manages the store will receive 36,263.05 euros in financial damages, 2,000 euros in operational damages and 1,000 euros in legal costs. The judges rejected the claim for € 5,000 for non -pecuniary damages caused by this staff representative who worked for 17 years.

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