Yves Benchimol (WeWard): “We have already motivated 3 million users, our ambition is to be the number one medium for pedestrians”

POSITIVE EFFECT | There are already 3 million people using this application that encourages them to walk and at the same time makes offers thousands of steps. WeWard doesn’t intend to stop there and also wants to establish itself as a health player, struggling with a sedentary lifestyle. Or when the small steps of each create an even larger community. Meet Yves Benchimol, one of the co-founders of this start-up.

What is the principle of WeWard?

Yves Benchimol: WeWard is a free mobile app that motivates over 3 million users to walk and engage in daily physical activity. Each step is converted into digital currency (Wards), can be exchanged for offers, donations to associations or euros. The application offers its users a series of fun challenges, competition between friends and great deals online and nearby (local shops, monuments, museums, brands, etc.). Therefore, WeWard is an innovative solution to improve the welfare of users, promoting an eco-responsible mode of transportation by foot while promoting the dynamism of city centers.

How was this idea formed?

YB: Physical inactivity is a global public health issue. This corresponds to a lack of physical activity and, according to the World Health Organization, is one of the top ten “risk factors for mortality in the world”, which can lead to the introduction of non -communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer or kidney disease. cardiovascular.

Performing gentle physical activity-walking-reduces the risk of mortality associated with this phenomenon, which is growing in the face of increased use of screens and increasing new forms of consumption such as e-trade. It should also be noted that the latter poses an economic problem for physical businesses that see their traffic and their visibility decrease annually.

This is why we have devised an innovative solution to combat these harmful effects. The mobile application improves the well -being of its users by increasing their walking time and providing financially to their physical activity. It also allows merchants and brands to gain visibility and promote their knowledge.

WeWard is in the process of integrating the daily lives of millions of people around the world to support them on their journeys and improve their quality of life.

What are your short term goals?

YB: WeWard aims to be a leader in lifestyle applications.

WeWard is in the process of integrating the daily lives of millions of people around the world to support them on their journeys and improve their quality of life. WeWard provides a solution that allows both to track and increase their functional abilities by engaging in physical activity, to encourage them in good travel ways and to give them nearby geolocated tips or well -being vector products.

For its customers, WeWard aims to be the number one medium for pedestrians, enabling any physical location or brand to generate traffic and visibility, while offering an unprecedented data platform.

WeWard is currently present in France, Belgium and Spain and plans to launch in Europe by the end of 2021. WeWard aims to grow from 3 million users to 10 million by the beginning of 2022.

What is your business model?

YB: Thanks to its 3 million users, the WeWard application brings value to three industries around which WeWard has developed its business model:

  • Sports/wellness: WeWard offers sports and well-being players the opportunity to promote their products in the application and thus generate sales. WeWard offers advertising spaces, a marketplace and an affiliate system within the application according to the goals targeted by these brands such as Adidas, Withings or Puma.
  • Health: Walking is a physical activity and therefore a vector of well-being and prevention of cardiovascular disease. WeWard works with health players such as Malakoff Médéric and the University Hospital Center to improve the health of their patients/members.
  • Downtown : It is a powerful tool to revitalize city centers. By encouraging walking, WeWard helps players in the local economy increase their visibility, their traffic and therefore their turnover. WeWard charges independent merchants and brands a subscription or commissions on sales generated

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