Welfare of people who are accommodated | A plan to “personalize” care for seniors in CHSLDs

(Quebec) This has been promised for twenty years, but now Minister Marguerite Blais assures us that this is the right thing to do: seniors will receive “personalized” care in all public housing settings. Starting lunch at the time they want.

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Fanny Levesque

Fanny Levesque
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” [On veut] suit the person being accommodated and not the other way around, ”summarized the Minister responsible for Seniors, Marguerite Blais, who unveiled her Action Plan for long-term housing 2021-2026 on Thursday. The minister’s goals, leaving in politics at the end of his term, was accompanied by investments of $ 2.9 billion over five years, amounts already announced in the budget.

Quebec wants to “personalize” health care and services to “substantially change” residential settings for seniors, such as CHSLDs and intermediate resources (IR). The Legault government wants to make them living environments as it plans for future seniors ’homes. The plan excludes RPAs where users are virtually self-sufficient.

“We personalize care according to the life history, values, preferences of the people accommodated”, the minister described at a press conference. “A very simple example to illustrate this: lunch. It is important to adapt to the person being received and offer him or her breakfast at the time he or she wants […] we want to personalize the treatment as much as possible, ”she added.


Marguerite Blais

To achieve this, Quebec aims to “strengthen” the role of the beneficiary attendant and put the family and carers at the center of all decisions about the user, such as “for decoration. [des lieux] rather than care plans, ”said Ms.ako Blais.

The former Prime Minister, Philippe Couillard, while he was Minister of Health under the Charest government, offered ministerial orientations in 2003 aimed at offering “a high-quality living environment for people in CHSLDs “. The intention was to “create a living environment in which quality services and care will be provided, based on the needs, tastes, habits and values ​​of individuals and their families”.

Why is this the right time? One who served as the Minister responsible for Seniors under the Liberal banner from 2007 to 2012 responded: “In 2003 […] there is no money included in the policy, do we understand each other? There, we are talking about 2.9 billion dollars, so there, there is money, it is complete, ”she said.

I am about to leave politics, but I consider the plan presented to be a plan for the present and for the future. We need to change our ways […] we saw it in the pandemic.

Marguerite Blais, Minister Responsible for the Elderly

Hiring staff

A large portion of the 2.9 billion will go to staffing. In particular, Quebec wants to continue its plan to give each CHSLD a manager, a promise made at the end of the first wave of the pandemic, by 2020. So far, 280 managers have been hired and the government plan provides for 370 , which does not include future senior homes.

We are also looking for 67 project managers who will ensure the implementation of the action plan on the ground. Quebec also wants to hire 200 pharmacists to ensure optimal use of drugs in CHSLDs and approximately twenty dentists, 30 denturists and 60 dental hygienists to deploy Quebec Oral Care Program in a CHSLD.

“If we want to establish this new culture, we need more staff,” the minister said, without specifying in detail where these workers would be dug in the context of labor shortage. However, Quebec aims to maintain its accelerated training program for CHSLD attendants and expects the arrival of nursing assistants through also accelerated training.

It should be noted that MSSS plans to hire between 3 and 4,000 additional health care workers to operate 46 seniors ’homes and alternative homes.

Marguerite Blais ’plan filed on Thursday came from Accommodation policy and long -term care and services introduced last year.

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