Ukraine: more than € 6 billion raised at a donor conference

Emmanuel Macron praised the “extraordinary mobilization of Ukraine’s European neighbors, especially the Polish people who have welcomed several million Ukrainians since February 24”. (Image: 123RF)

This text brings together all the reactions since the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the day of May 05, 2022. It will be updated on the day. To find all of our coverage in the conflict, here it is.

9:31 am | Warsaw – More than six billion euros earmarked for Ukraine were raised at an international conference of donors in Warsaw, Poland’s prime minister announced on Thursday.

“At this conference, we have collected more than six billion euros and this money will be distributed to support Ukraine and all those who support Ukraine,” Mateusz Morawiecki said at a joint press conference with his Swedish counterpart Magdalena Andersson. .

“When Russia brings death, the countries of the free world must help and I think this meeting here in Warsaw showed a huge dose of solidarity with us,” Morawiecki said.

At this conference organized by Poland and Sweden with the participation of the European Union, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for his part, through a video connection, to “immediately grant Ukraine’s candidate status “in the EU.

“Ukraine’s EU membership should be the absolute reality, not just a promise or a prospect,” he said.

He also called on “civilized partners” who patronize “Ukraine’s regions, cities and industries” to support their reconstruction.

Earlier, President Zelensky announced the launch of an online crowdfunding platform designed to help kyiv win the war against Russia and rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

“With one click, you can donate funds to help our defenders, rescue our civilians and rebuild Ukraine,” he said in English in a video posted on Twitter, which United24 platform launch announcement. .

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced on the occasion a donation of 200 million euros for those internally displaced in Ukraine.

“Today we have come together with a clear goal: to support the brave people of Ukraine, who are resisting the aggressor and defending their freedom,” he said.

“Today, the European Union answered the call, again, to support Ukraine. On behalf of the European Commission, I have promised to pay 200 million euros to Ukraine,” he said.

European Council President Charles Michel said that “solidarity efforts will focus on three main areas: humanitarian aid, short -term liquidity needs and the reconstruction” of Ukraine.

Ukraine: France will provide 300 million dollars in additional assistance

8:45 am | Paris – France will increase its total aid to Ukraine to 2 billion US dollars against 1.7 billion today, that is, an additional 300 million US dollars, Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday in a video broadcast during the international conference. donors.

This new contribution has nothing to do with the military, Elysee said.

Paris had already provided Ukraine 100 million euros in humanitarian aid in the early days of the aggression and enabled the delivery of more than 800 tons of material, including medical equipment. It also released $ 1.7 billion to support Ukraine’s state budget and investment.

“Every day we see the rising humanitarian consequences and destruction caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine and suffered by the Ukrainian people. They are unbearable, ”said the president of France.

“It is our collective duty to provide immediate assistance and massive economic support to Ukraine,” he said.

Emmanuel Macron praised the “extraordinary mobilization of Ukraine’s European neighbors, especially the Polish people who have welcomed several million Ukrainians since February 24”.

“The solidarity expressed by Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Moldova, is unique, and it is right and normal that we can collectively support them in their unity efforts, in the same way as the direct support that we are bringing “Ukraine”, added the president of France.

“We must be prepared to make this effort in the long run, in the context of a conflict that, unfortunately, is likely to continue and for which we have not yet seen all the dramatic consequences”, concludes Emmanuel Macron. , added that “the determination and dignity of the Ukrainian citizens and authorities commands the admiration of all”.

Ukraine: The EU is studying the possibility of confiscating the assets of authorized Russians

6:42 | Brussels-European Council President Charles Michel spoke on Thursday for the confiscation of Russian assets frozen in the EU under sanctions to make them “available” for Ukraine’s reconstruction.

He also felt that a donor conference for the reconstruction of Ukraine in which he was engaged in Warsaw should form the starting point of “a kind of European Marshall Plan” for this country invaded by Russia.

“Personally, I am fully convinced that it is very important not only to freeze the assets, but also make their confiscation possible, to make them available for the country to rebuild itself”, he declared in the news agency of Ukrainian Interfax in an interview given in Brussels.

“This is the first time the president has spoken about + the + confiscation + of + Russian assets,” his spokesman told AFP.

U.S. President Joe Biden asked Congress at the end of April to give him the option to confiscate the assets of Russian oligarchs stranded in the United States for use for Ukraine’s benefit. Canada is on the same line.

An opinion was sought from the European Council’s legal service on the feasibility of such a proposal, as “there are 27 legal systems in the EU and in many EU member states a court decision is required”, explains Charles Michel.

“It’s a difficult and long process,” he admits.

A lawyer by practice, the President of the European Council, representing the Heads of State and Government of the EU, was in Warsaw where he was participating in a conference of donors for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“I see three priorities in this conference and three goals. The first is humanitarian aid, the second is money, the third is reconstruction, ”he explained.

“This conference should, in my opinion, be the starting point of a kind of European Marshall Plan for Ukraine,” he maintained.

“It is important to make sure that the Ukrainian authorities will be able, in the coming days and weeks, to have the money they need to achieve” these three goals, he pleaded.

Charles Michel also favored the idea of ​​†‹вЂ‹ transferring 10% of the IMF’s special drawing rights from member states to Ukraine. “We need to check which Member State it will be possible”, he specified.

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