Trial of the manager of pizzerias in Eure. According to the accused, his former employees accused him of rape to get money

Lawyers for the civil parties, Maîtres Demillière, Naviaux and Beauhaire, declared their pleas on Wednesday May 4, 2022, after interrogation on the merits of the accused. (© The Awakening of Pont-Audemer / EG)

A version was defended, developed and also questioned on Wednesday, May 4, 2022. For the third day of the trial to be held before the Court of Assizes of Évreux, the manager of Pizza Manu sa San Maclou (Eure) and former manager of the pizzeria with the same name in Beuzeville as well as the restaurant Le Grilladin, gave his perspective on the alleged facts – rapes, sexual assault and sexual harassment – in which he was accused by four former employeesbefore the pleadings of lawyers for civil parties.

According to the 53-year-old defendant, who describes himself as a “little fat man with glasses”, wearing a shirt and a down jacket, Nothing happened to Sandrine* or Lara, who accused her of sexual assault. Along with Aurélie and Clémence, who denounce the rapes, he said he maintains “Extramarital affairs”.

A financial reason?

According to him, the four women filed a complaint to obtain money, also with Prud’hommes, at the initiative of Clemence’s “manipulations”. He was also suspicious soldiers to have “directed file”. The latter will have resentment against him, as he testified against a brigade leader in a command investigation.

According to the manager, in Clémence’s contract from October 2017 to April 2018, “he kissed me” for the first time. She said they had some consensual sex, just at work, and she thought of leaving her husband for her. In his argument, Clémence’s lawyer, Maître Demillière, dispute the relationship outside of marriage and the pecuniary reason for the complaint: “What financial interest does he have in denouncing a single fellatio when Mr. who has vaginal intercourse? »

The accused changed the version

In court, the restaurateur admitted his relationship with Aurélie in 2015. According to him, the anal penetration he accuses her of would be “proof of love” from the former employee, and he pointed out: “But I said not right away. When he said he couldn’t because he was menstruating and sick, I enjoyed hugs, caresses, fellatio and masturbations.»

However, he only provided this version after his police custody in 2018, as Aurélie’s lawyer Master Naviaux points out. At first, he denies any romantic or sexual relationship. “I don’t want my husband to take me as a bastard”, the pizza maker explains. This is why he told Aurélie not to tell the gendarmes. He thinks he “jumped at the chance” to file a complaint to be “identified as disabled”.

For Master Naviaux, the rapes that Aurélie denounced were “the paroxysm” of events narrated: “Hell is not the other, it is you, because these women have suffered a hell. There is generality, modus operandi. to achieve this.We have one person who is more vulnerable than the other, so it goes even further.The psychologist who examined the 30 -year -old found emotional deficits during childhood, a lack of self -esteem and now a post-traumatic stress disorder.

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“Submission, manipulation”

Regarding Sandrine, 57, who denounced an attack in 2016, the manager said she was disappointed to be fired and not become a manager. “Sandrine never dreamed of being a restaurant manager because in the beginning she saw something unhealthy there, Maître Beauhaire defended. If she didn’t come out of the basement and break her contract, what would happen next?” signs of post-traumatic stress, he had difficulty finding work.

Before the jurors, Maître Demillière, representing Clémence and Lara, ironically summarized the defendant’s position: “I am here for the lie, venal women, who are only there to take Monsieur’s tape. “The lawyer speaks in opposition to the” submission, manipulation reports “that the plaintiffs are obliged to do. Lara, 23 years old and with a very fragile personality, for example, felt indebted to the defendant in 2018, because she was “behave as a father” in allowing him to get his first CDI and his apartment.

In their pleas, lawyers told jurors that plaintiffs now needed “truth” to feel free. The verdict will be given this Thursday, May 5.

*Changed the names of the victims.

While awaiting the verdict of this trial, the accused remains innocent.

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