Selling second-hand tires in Ouagadougou: A well-run business

Second-hand tire sales outlets have increased significantly in Burkina Faso and particularly in its capital in recent years. If most Burkinabè prefer these tires rather than new ones, it’s because of their affordable price. But these “France au-revoir” tires pose no risk to the lives of users and others. Properly repairing your vehicle to reduce the risk of tire-related accidents, requires consideration of the use intended by its owner but also the climatic conditions that impose the use of a tire type according to climate.

Right or wrong, second-hand tires are bought like “hotcakes” in Ouagadougou without necessarily considering the risks they can pose during its use. These tires sometimes cause accidents because of their poor quality but also because of their poor use by motorists according to accident cases recorded in Burkina Faso.

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In almost every part of the city, you will surely find one, if not a few selling “France bye bye” tires, as the population usually calls them. From Tampouy to Larlé, via Cité An 3 to the city center, these tires can easily be found on the side of paved roads.

In Cité An 3 (residential district of arrondissement n ° 2 of Ouagadougou), a very close distance from Nerwaya cinema, Abdoulaye Sankara is one of the pioneers of this business for several years now.

“It’s been over two months since someone bought one of my tires. Whereas before the security crisis, I could sell two to three tires a day, ”Abdoulaye Sankara, sells second-hand tires at Cité An 3

Ten thousand CFA francs, the second-hand tire

“I sell tires for Mercedes vehicles at a price of 10,000 CFA francs per unit. My customers are people who can afford to buy new tires but prefer what we have. There are also people who lack the means to buy from them to help for a while, ”he said.

Mr. Sankara suggests that he is facing the collapse of his tires due to the crises the country is going through. “It’s been over two months since someone bought one of my tires. Whereas before the security crisis, I could sell two to three tires a day, “he said. When asked where the tires he puts on the market came from, Mr. Sankara remained vague on his answer.” We originate. from someone shipping used tires to a truck. When we get there, we fix the best tires we can sell, ”he said a little skeptically.

For Gérard Hien, a public servant in the capital, (identified near the ministry in charge of national education located in the city center), the reasons driving people to buy second-hand tires are more than all is the fact that they are “cheap”. “We would have liked to have tires straight from the factory instead of second-hand tires. But I think it’s the main problem of the way that at some point, you prefer these tires because they’re cheaper. This makes it possible to compensate for pneumatic failures for a while, ”he explains.

“I chose the new tires because people have shown you used tires as good quality,” said Modeste Ouédraogo, a Burkinabe citizen.

Although some believe that these tires are more resistant than those sold by local tire companies, the main reason for choosing second-hand tires remains “a financial problem”, confirmation of Mr. Hien. He said he recently bought such tires for his personal vehicle, but stressed that their lifespan usually does not exceed three months for someone traveling long distances.

To protect himself from possible incidents such as the explosion of tires in full circulation, Modeste Ouédraogo (crossed at the same station mentioned above), chose to apply his vehicle to the new tires. “In some lanes, if one of your tires explodes in traffic, it’s a disaster! I choose new tires because people are able to show you used tires as good quality. As long as they are just taking care to clean them properly to deceive the vigilance of customers, ”he explains.

According to him, when the capability is lacking, the motorist may be obliged to buy second-hand tires. On the other hand, when his financial abilities allow it, it is better, he recommends, to get new tires.

New tires sold by Boubakari Savadogo

The standard for a good selection of tires

Over time, the category of people who are aware of the harmful consequences that can result from using “cheap” tires has grown. This prompted Boubakari Savadogo, (new tire dealer in Larlé) to switch from selling used tires to new ones. “Used tires are used tires. Even if they are good, the straight ones from the factory are even better ”, he maintains.

According to Mr. Savadogo, many customers buy their tires without considering the important elements written on them, such as the expiration date. For him, the studs of the wheels will be seen in good condition when their expiration date has expired. That is why they are made useless, even if the latter continues to exploit them.

“When people buy their tires without paying attention to characteristics like speed, they can explode when the speed limit is not respected,” said Boubakari Savadogo, a tire seller in the Larlé district.

“When people buy their tires without paying attention to characteristics like speed, they can explode when the speed limit is not respected. This situation is common among users of second-hand tires,” he said. said Mr. Savadogo.

Due to its tropical (hot) climate, the most recommended type of tire in Burkina Faso is “the summer tire” which is exclusively used for hot weather in Western countries, he noted.

Amado Sankara, Managing Director of Eza Group (a company that operates the sale of new tires in Cité An 3), said he did not understand Burkinabè’s attitude to their choice of tires and invited them to this purpose, in more yet caution. “My advice to motorists is to make a smart choice in buying tires. If a person is able to buy a car for at least seven million CFA francs, I believe he can make more effort to get of good quality tires for his own safety, that of his family and that of others, ”he said.

“My advice to motorists is to make a smart choice when they want to buy a tire”, Amado Sankara, general manager of Eza Group at Cité An 3

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From his workplace, in the Koulouba district (located in the 1st arrondissement of Ouagadougou), mechanic Lucien Kaboré said there are “France goodbye” tires that are more resistant than those sold by the companies. wheel in the capital. “One of my customers rode his car again and after only one ride, these tires were covered”, he confesses.

He added that the latter went on to explain his wrong venture to the merchant. However, he clarified that he was not the person who made these tires. The mechanic also indicated that his client got his tires without warranty, an imprudence that cost him dearly.

That is why mechanic Lucien Kaboré urges Burkinabè to be careful in choosing their tires properly so as not to be deceived by reconditioned parts.

So Mr. Kaboré urges Burkinabè to be vigilant in choosing the right tires so as not to be fooled by reconditioned parts. It is therefore necessary, according to him, to ensure good tire quality before any purchase.

Any purchase of tires for a vehicle must be based on the use intended by its owner. Depending on whether the vehicle is intended for commercial or personal use, the type of tire varies. “For two vehicles with the same tire size, 165/70R14 for example, one is fitted with a type“ C ”tire that is best suited to a car carrying more cargo than a passenger vehicle”, explains the General Manager of Good Year, Pierre El Turk.

The Good Year company in the Koulouba district

The “C” or “LT” (Light Truck) tire categories are actually tires dedicated to commercial vehicles and have a load index of less than or equal to 128, i.e., an acceptable maximum loaded less than or equal to 1800 kg. These tires are characterized by a load capacity that is greater than that admitted by the tire for a passenger vehicle of equal size.

The highway code imposes to replace tires once the wear indicator reaches a height of 1.6 mm but we note that this standard is unfortunately not respected by many motorists in Africa and in Burkina Faso in particular. This often causes accidents related to the poor condition of the tires which is sometimes fatal.


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