“ACHI 2 government holds the mark of famous catch-up” (FPI)

Vice-president of the Ivorian Popular Front (FPI), Gba Gonta Jean-Baptiste is a leading voice in the west of Côte d’Ivoire. In the interview given in Afrique-sur7 below, this executive from Pascal Affi N’Guessan’s party denounced the lack of vision of the RHDP and UDPCI leaders for the development of the Tonkpi region.

Gba Gonta Jean-Baptiste (FPI- Tonkpi): “We must abolish the policy of local exclusion and design a development policy”

How is FPI in Tonkpi?

FPI is doing well in Tonkpi. Tonkpi is also one of the regions that has provided an elected official to the party, in the person of Comrade Séa André, deputy of Man sub-prefecture. This is the material sign of the good health of our political formation in the region.

Your bases are complaining about the lack of animation in the field of politics. How would you explain this?

Honestly, the REIT has changed a lot. The work is done in the procedure. Since August 9, 2021, the date on which the FPI eliminated internal clashes, the urgency depends on the installation of major structures and strengthening them. Now that this is done, we are preparing to commemorate the multiparty system in Côte d’Ivoire along with the traditional celebration of independence in Abengourou. After that, animation of bases and political tours in the regions will come. We ask for a little patience with the activists.

In the face of Minister VAGONDO of the RHDP and the Udpci, will the FPI have anything to say in the 2023 local elections?

First of all, let me make an unfortunate observation. Our executives tend to suddenly appeal to their populations once they have ministerial positions. Parental love should not depend on any appointment. It should come naturally at all times and in all situations with the capacity one has. At FPI, we are not shaken by this fact. We will definitely be attending elections in 2023. FPI will have candidates for all elective positions in 2023. We are not giving up on the bling-bling of the RHDP and the UDPCI. Our approach is realistic enough with those we serve here and there. Our voters need to feel for their leaders. It requires strengthening the bases, their animation and their training without succumbing to populism. Did they learn from their past failures? I am quite skeptical.

What do you read about the new Achi government?

If it is truly true that the motivation for forming a strict government, according to the President of the Republic, is to reduce charges to the public, I think it is good. If not seen up close, this government bears the mark of popular ethnic catch-up and exclusion. This is a government made at the expense of executives from other regions. That seems anti-democratic to us!

In this new government group, we notice the sideline of the Secretaries of State, including Mrs. You Mahi Clarisse. Wouldn’t this fact weigh heavily on the RHDP in the southern part of Tonkpi for the sake of FPI?

Recognize that the appointment of a cadre holds the mark of progress because the designated cadre has become the belt of progress.

“The arrival of Mahi Clarisse is a loss for Tonkpi”

The descent of Mahi Clarisse was a loss for Tonkpi. However, the political reality is somewhat different. In politics, the misfortune of some is the happiness of others. The REIT can only profit from it. With or without government, the FPI is always ready to face them in peaceful and political hardship.

Since Diampleon Troh Denis, the FPI has not recorded any serious success in various local elections. How do you explain that?

That’s a good point. However, the REIT should not be isolated from its recent past. Diampléon Troh Denis ended his term in 2000 when President Gbagbo came to power. Since that date, the Ivorian Popular Front has had no elected representative in various local elections. The 2002 rebellion targeted FPI militants and cadres everywhere in the previously besieged areas until the crisis in 2011. There were casualties and many exiles among our ranks. All executives saw their movable and immovable property destroyed and forcibly disposed of. A strange kind of rule was imposed on party cadres. Let’s quote Diety Félix and Colonel Mangly for Tonkpi. How in such a situation would a political party, no matter how serious, organize itself and claim to participate in local or regional elections? FPI was beheaded. People even predicted his disappearance to the West. These facts weigh heavily on our activities.

Do you have the impression that things are moving in Danané in terms of development?

From my perspective, Danané regressed in terms of development. The results of the development structures, the Tonkpi Regional Council and the municipal council, have been negative. Executives at UDPCI and the RHDP are all lacking in ideas in terms of change. Instead of thinking of progress, each of them preferred to settle down and pocket the taxpayers ’money. As proof, when the Regional Council was criticized for the lack of health and road infrastructure, we were told that there were few schools built in 10 years.

“Gba Gonta is a candidate in 2023 for the position of President of Tonkpi Regional Council”

Here, if we compare the works carried out here and there with the manna received taking into account the parafiscality for example the money poured by the SMI (Société de la Mine d’Ity) it is the day and night. In the city of Danané, there is no trace of a regional council. Young people have no spaces to recreate. I want to talk about a cultural center, a youth center and playgrounds. Such structures are under the jurisdiction of the regional council. We have the impression that the more we move forward with the advice, the more Danané loses in cuteness. Even picking up trash is a lot of gymnastics. To track small routes, it is a hassle. And when executives, themselves, decide to innovate to boost development; they are stuck without their momentum because they are being sabotaged. They threw at us their strange mentality. Regrettable thing. The observed regression is now mental and political.

Land-related crises are repeated in Tonkpi. Should we fear a security crisis that will be difficult to prevent in the future? What are your solutions?

The fact is that the sale of the forest and the illegal occupation of the so -called classified forest by foreigners and some brothers from other regions have created an atmosphere of conflicting residence.

Which Gba Gonta Jean-Baptiste in 2023? The candidate? The guide? Or the voter?

Gba Gonta is a candidate in 2023 for the position of President of the Tonkpi Regional Council. Local elections are, in principle, development elections and not political elections as the RHDP and its leaders want us to believe. This is not the philosophy that guided the decentralization policy that FPI loved. That said, elected at the local level are sons and daughters who are concerned about the development of their cities, people who are concerned about the living conditions of their populations. Children who live the daily lives of parents and quickly provide solutions to health, education and well-being. For peaceful local elections in Danané, the opponents must unite in an ideal of development. What is the son or daughter concerned and who can afford to face this challenge for the sake of the parents?

Ah, well …

It is not a question of stigmatizing a community or of caporalizing a locality in terms of origin. Everything is beneficial to Danané and everything is beneficial to Danané. It is not enough to be a native of Danané to leave parents in the hands of misery and return on the occasion of an election to perform the messiah at the expense of the resource people who are daily with the parents. We must abolish the policy of local exclusion and design a development policy. Locally, you can be a Guinean, Malian, Burkinabe living in Danané and have your interests there and serve Danané when you have the will. The discourse of the genre “I am from Danané” or “this is not a native of Danané” should no longer thrive. The union should be made around all those concerned about the development of Danané. The problem for DAN candidates comes from the quality of applications. Who will we choose? We don’t have to fall into exclusion and xenophobia when we don’t get the mark every time of the local election. You have to blame yourself.

A special letter from SONY WAGONDA

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