the recipe for attracting young graduates

In the digital sector, and more generally in the tertiary sector, there are requirements for qualified young talents. They no longer hesitate to ask for referrals to recruiters from former employees.

With young graduates looking for work, it is difficult to establish a complete list of criteria when it comes to choosing the companies they want to work for. However, recruiters see new desires emerging. Romain Maugey has worked for Robert Half, a recruitment firm that specializes in finance, accounting, technology and support functions. “When I arrived, the cursor was placed on the salary, location and size of the company, the director of interim recruitment recalled. Covid reshuffled the cards.

Quality of work life and the balance between professional and private life are now among the most important criteria for all young job seekers, emphasizing the study conducted by Glassdoor at the beginning of April 2022. the most educated, the definition just seems important. . Robert Half said they need to “be part of a project, to know how they will contribute to the company and what the company will bring to them”. This results in a change of position or employer every two or three years.

“The point that most differentiates juniors and seniors in the labor market is the attention paid to CSR”

What about labels like Great Place To Work, which testifies to quality of work life, or B-CORP, which testifies to a company’s positive social and environmental impact? “These are the trusted ranks, on which young graduates are based themselves, because they want to work in dedicated companies,” Romain Maugey replied. The point that makes most of the difference between juniors and seniors in the labor market is that attention to CSR, integration and environmental impact. “

“When La Relève launched in 2014, the salary came first. Now the missions”, said Adrien Ducluzeau, director of this recruitment firm that focuses on junior profiles (from zero to seven years experience) digital and commercial. . “Many companies are helpless and think that a job offer with an attractive salary will appeal.” It is no longer enough in these sectors that are experiencing a talent shortage. The employer must introduce himself, put different initiatives: “talk about integration, for example”. The possibility of telecommuting is also important. Adrien Ducluzeau said he doesn’t work with companies that don’t offer it.

“In the first interview, the employer should do what you want”

To ensure that a position is marked to their standard, candidates do not hesitate to try recruiters. “In the first interview, the employer has to like people, who didn’t have it before,” said Adrien Ducluzeau. We had a lot of candidates who asked for the number of former employees to find out how much experience they had. ” Sylvain Levert, 23, in his final year of master’s degree at EM Lyon, is currently looking for his first job in Paris. “I’m often asked at the end of interviews why the job is vacant, to find out if someone left because of pressure.”

Beyond good working conditions, some want to practice a job with a positive effect. Relevant jobs, Employment Impact, Employment Law … Many special platforms allow you to find them. Joévan Bihan found his first work on How I Met Your Planet. In 2021, when he finished his studies at TBS, he submitted five applications, including one to the platform. “I asked myself if I wanted a job that made sense or a job that brought a lot. I chose meaning,” the 25-year-old recalled. He refused an initial offer for financial reasons, he had a student loan to pay. Another abroad, because he prefers to stay in France. He gets to know about Too Good To Go, which is located on the special platform, and he completes two more recruitment processes with which he is involved.

On the very night of his last interview for the position of field sales representative, Balance ta start-up shared revelations from employees and former employees of Too Good To Go criticizing the working conditions at the company that are resistant to food waste. “I weighed the pros and cons and talked to HR about it.” Joévan Bihan decided to accept the offer and, after only six months, had no regrets. “Start -up balance allows companies to correct their mistakes.” This is probably another expectation of young people (and not too young): to join an employer that will consider their grievances.

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