The e-commerce white paper for manufacturers 4.0

The web agency MEDIAVORE interactive, which specializes in building transactional platforms, has published a white paper to help Quebec manufacturing companies adapt to the reality of virtual commerce! The book, entitled Ecommerce 101 for SME manufacturingaims to help companies optimize their operations and increase profits.

The company from Laval, a city whose industrial sector is taking up more space in the country, has given itself a mission over 7 years to help companies make the digital turn by automating processes and increasing their performance thanks to technology. The team launched the DVORE platform, a personalized e-commerce tool tailored to business processes that personalizes the customer experience while automating processes and operations. An ideal tool for manufacturing companies:

“We want to work with local companies that design and manufacture products of all kinds. Often with complex processes and large databases, we like these types of challenges. Our team of experts specializes in developing and implementing digital sales platforms customized to the specific needs of the industry sector. We want to help manufacturing companies stay ahead of their market thanks to the digital shift and offer them the tools and support that will allow them to achieve their goals. », According to Mr. Alexandre Jalbert, co-founder and digital strategist of MEDIAVORE.

E-commerce for manufacturers

If you’re hesitant to set up a virtual presence for your SME or company, or you’re not familiar with B2C, B2B or D2C terms, an e-commerce book will help you demystify it all. With content specifically geared for the manufacturing sector, the free bible information offered by MEDIAVORE will ease you into the basic ideas of e-commerce.

“It was with this in mind that we wrote our white paper Ecommerce 101 for SME manufacturing. We want to make available to all manufacturers interested in optimizing the management of their processes some useful tools and tips when using a digital approach. », Added Mr. Jalbert

The process of digital change

Making changes in a company is often a complex task. It is for this reason that support is often needed to avoid mistakes and costly waste of time. We asked Alexandre what a company can expect when starting the Enterprise 4.0 process:

“The process begins with a digital diagnosis to analyze the business models in place, the processes and the culture of the company. This analysis is essential for developing a work plan that will provide for others’ t different stages of digital change.This will facilitate both the technical implementation and the training and involvement of the whole team.We usually plan 1 to 2 months to make the diagnosis and the digital plan.

Then, the implementation of the established plan can vary between 3 to 12 months depending on the technological solution, the integrations into the systems and the processes to be put in place. Our team offers an agile execution service adapted to the reality of small and medium-sized businesses. We are able to offer personalized follow-up to each organization and build transactional platforms at the same company speed. With labor shortages as well as many financial assistance and government subsidies for this type of project, now is the time to follow the path to increase team productivity and strengthen the competitiveness of your business. . »

Emballeuses et équipement d’emballage

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