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One might have thought that the paradigms of virtue who want to explain to us how to think correctly rejoice in the fact that the richest man on the planet is an African-American. It’s not like that. Bagkos. Elon Musk (born in Pretoria), without a break, is under fire from well-intentioned attacks. Too rich, too powerful, too white, it collects mistakes that make it the enemy of fair thinking. And now he is attacking the freedom to censor. What courage! One can imagine the horror at 1355 Market Street, home of Twitter: very good geeks, all millionaires, full of dominant thinking about San Francisco, lamenting that their ability to drive from the network is what they consider deviation, will disappear under the period of the new owner.

On Twitter, we are very chic.


Success, ambition, Elon Musk has strengths we want to hate, including being smart, pretty smart. So it is. We may have invented the electric car (Tesla), brought down NASA (SpaceX) by creating reusable rockets, inserted into neural circuits (Neuralink) and allowed Ukrainians to stay online despite the war (Starlink) , everyone before the age of 50 is not preventing people from despising you and giving you lessons. This does not prevent the clerks of the right to discuss the good and bad of your decisions (the newspaper in general) and the politicians of low stock to advise you, especially on the use of your money (Elisabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, US Democratic Senator, in particular).

faith rather than reason

In the great battle that goes against logic and morality today, the latter wins. And at least with the ambient noise, he was the one we could hear the most. Those who base their action on logic are seen as arrogant, profiteers or the best opportunists of the system. Although it is enough to come forward and express one’s feelings in front of a camera in the name of who knows what more or less religious values ​​are, of the order of faith* to be elevated to the rank of savior of world (and thus join the alert launchers and cyclists, these modern heroes.)

McKinsey: a mission, appreciated but above all brain.

The real scandal

In the upcoming French presidential campaign, the phenomenon is described in many ways. “The McKinsey case” in particular. His opponents thought they could destabilize the President-candidate by accusing him of using the American consulting firm to support certain public services. They raised the issue of tax optimization, but we felt that the main criticism had to do with the use of good practices ** based on logic and rationality that, obviously, are lacking in some public services *** . However, isn’t the scandal there? What’s the point of an expensive administration if you have to call in great brains when current tasks turn out to be a bit more complicated than usual? Has it ever been considered to put public servants whose consultants do work on unpaid leave?

Pride, not intelligence

During the debate between the two rounds, we witnessed, like five years before, a very unequal battle between intelligence on the one hand and (nice?) Emotion on the other … the other was to be polite. We have witnessed, almost sickly, these lessons in elementary economics or even calculations in which the unfortunate candidate is silent, dumb, incapable of even the slightest articulated reaction when his opponent strikes him with some uncontrollable strike because they are only logical. However, what did we see or hear after the debate? On the side, of the candidate, a complaint ad nauseam, about his opponent’s “arrogance”. There was no word, after hours of reflection, on what he could bring back to the moments of silence caused by his incompetence. Also in the media echo of the debate: almost a word about one’s incompetence. Nothing about the brilliant intelligence of others but about his arrogance …

The law of Netflix too

This contempt for intelligence and its main avatar, success, is also hidden in Switzerland’s desire to lease Netflix. Born out of the genius of Reed Hastings, a vacuum cleaner representative tired of going from house to house, Netflix is ​​a breakthrough that has allowed, beyond streaming, the production of many masterpieces that are the most damaging to the eye. The nostalgic for “auteur film” is to amuse a large audience. On the face of it, what is the reflex of cultural officials? Landing internships on Netflix to offer young aspiring filmmakers to allow them to discover innovative practices in the area? Allocate a portion of SSR’s royalty to the purchase of Netflix subscriptions to facilitate taxpayers ’access to true quality entertainment? No, of course.

Maintain self -isolation

We prefer to pay taxes. But, in the name of what is broken reasoning we can imagine in a moment that a country, like Switzerland, that does not have a great natural disposition for cinema but has others (for technological change, for direct democracy, for taxation that is relatively less confiscated than elsewhere, for the naturalization of Albanian footballers, etc.) may suddenly release masterpieces of 7ika art by taxing Netflix? The idea is clearly not there. The aim is to fund the system of assistance and subsidies that creates a small environment where interpersonality reigns, where people show up at festivals (in Switzerland, it’s in Locarno) and where, more than all in all, it’s a question of maintaining an auteur cinema “made to fund, not to see”, as young French producer and screenwriter Laurent Rochette **** put it (“Paris is ours”, “1920s “).
By rejecting this new tax, because that’s what will happen when Netflix adjusts its prices and restricts its permission to share access, the Swiss will show intelligence. Stop hating.

* We will consult with interest in the work Woke Racism: How a New Religion Betrayed Black America, by John McWhorter (2021). This professor of linguistics at Columbia University in New York shows how wokism erases logic in favor of a kind of religious moral system with the effect, in particular, of being detrimental to what it claims to defend.

** Anyone who has worked with consultants knows that they have been selected and hired based on their superior intellectual ability, preferably in the STEM field. There are many engineers out there, sometimes quite autistic but able to solve daunting problems without moving, without rest and, most of all, without failure.

*** Boris Johnson applied the same recipe by trusting vaccination management with a consultant. To success.

**** “It happened tomorrow” by Fréderic Taddeï in Europe1, April 24, 2022.

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