“Our center of excellence in biology will make it possible to build an ecosystem and anchor skills in the territory” (Sébastien Huron, Virbac)

Virbac works well and even very well. And the strong growth recorded by the veterinary laboratory can be explained, says its general manager, by a buoyant market. Many more pet adoptions during Covid and increased concern for your pet’s well-being contributed. But more importantly, Sébastien Huron believes, “it’s all the result of a very clear strategy, defined 4 years ago, and which we have executed very well. As well as a corporate culture with real commitment from the teams ”.

Includes animals, the segment driving growth

Virbac, which performs better than its competitors and shows results for the first quarter of an increase of 19.3%. What is the hope for a year 2022 with continued growth? Yes confirms the managing director, the company has announced an expected growth of between 5% to 10%, at a constant exchange rate, which could be more than a real exchange rate.

The two segments in which Virbac is positioned – companion animals and food -producing animals – see satisfactory levels of activity even though traction is driven by the companion animal segment. A petfood -assisted context? For Virbac, obviously. The nutrition sector as a sector “where we still have a low market share”, defined Sébastien Huron. ” We’re not in the United States, we just launched the range for dogs and cats last month. We will launch them next year in China, then in Brazil and then in other markets. But we are present in France and in Europe “.

This veterinary nutrition helps to prevent certain pathologies over a longer period of time, to compensate for nutritional imbalances.

Technology, added value to pamper

The biology center, announced at the beginning of the year and planned to take a position at Carros, aims to “ modernize manufacturing equipment. We are a specialized laboratory because 50% of our global production is made in Carros. We wanted to create a center of excellence in biology because biology is about vaccines and vaccines contain a lot of technology in one small bottle. That is why we can create a global center of excellence because transportation is not expensive and has no impact on the environment. This is different than foods where we have local factories, in Brazil, China or the United States. ”. This center of excellence will contribute to the development of local skills and ecosystem development in a way that anchors skills in the territory.

Close to markets

Transformation is necessarily one of Virbac’s priority areas for growth. The French group has R&D centers on each of the five continents. An approach that is in line with the laboratory philosophy that ” to always be close to customers and market to tailor the offer. We are very attentive to veterinarians “, explains Sébastien Huron. Knowing that needs clearly differ from one continent to another.

The change also means looking elsewhere for what can play a complementary role. And external growth is necessarily a key part of the strategy, bringing additional value in terms of products. Because of this, everyone is doing Virbac’s development based on three levers, as Sébastien Huron points out. ” The idea is to grow into R&D – hence organic growth – acquisitions and to geo -extend our products “.

Virbac continues to recruit, specifically Carros.

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