An event booking platform

Event organization remains a complex task. Between the coordination of suppliers, the reservation of accommodation, the search for activities … planning is at risk of disastrous overruns. Companies can now rely on start-ups that address this problem.

In the world of events, transactions are manual and time consuming. For the person organizing it is time consuming and expensive “. Here’s the motivation that pushed Alex Philippot to create a new booking platform: Youna. Co-founded 6 years ago, the start-up aims to support companies in the organization of events. all to offer a real solution to professionals.

On average, large companies spend in between 150 and 200 million euros per year in conferences and events. Youna thought to optimize the costs and the research of the organizers. As the co-founder explained: We want to both facilitate the work of suppliers, but also of all types of companies. Our system must be win-win ”.

If covid appears as a brake for this start-up of a dozen people, it provides an opportunity to work in virtual organizations. The creators of the platform will observe the transition period in the event sector: digitalization. Companies are now turning to digital solutions and initiating CSR transitions to suit the healthcare situation. This is the line Youna decided to follow

How does this work?

Youna is an ergonomic website based on its approach on two essential elements: simplicity, time saving. The platform allows you to organize events in the French city of your choice (twenty destinations are possible). Once the city is selected, the user will be able to refine his search according to his constraints and the site will suggest a list of players in the sector. Activities, hotels, places … just choose the client according to his preferences.

the site interface allows customers without wasting time

Photo credit: Youna

Once a start-up wishes to offer its services in a particular city, it will begin to canvass players in tourism and events. The final address book is offered to companies. From a financial standpoint, Youna uses the commission business model and takes approximately 10% on each business order. ” We don’t want to be seen as platforms like or airBnb »Reasoning of the co-founder.

For whom is this?

Youna is a B2B (Business to business) solution. Therefore it is addressed only to companies who wants to organize events. The advantage of the platform is simple: instantly connect all event stakeholders. Alex Philippot offers a concrete example: “ Someone who needs to organize a business event with certain hurdles has all the interest to turn to Youna. Our platform allows a professional to check all of his or her standards in just a few minutes while an agency will work in a few weeks.s ”.

In addition to the organizers, Youna also works according to suppliers : “ Our platform saves them from responding to requests for quotes which takes a lot of time. We bring reservations directly to them and not invalid requests. explained Alex Philippot. ” It also allows actors to have visibility. We talk about them on our site, on our social networks, as well as in our newsletter. This is also a great opportunity for them.

Future development?

If the start-up is very established in French territory, it is also present in some European countries close to France. As Alex Philippot details: “Often our customers want us to implement our solution in other countries. Even though we thought about it in the beginning, it only strengthened this desire. “.However, Youna does not intend to export outside Europe at the moment because of taxes and VAT that will make it difficult for their activity to set up.

However, the company’s challenge remains unchanged: “To bring all the actors in the same direction so that the industry undergoes a real change”.This is why Youna is in the middle of a recruitment phase to expand its team so that the company has a wider range of action. It’s all a matter of time …

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