World -renowned photographer Anne Geddes brings her artistry and creativity to NFTs, for the first time, announcing her Collection for Mother’s Day 2022

Anne Geddes also chose to auction a private photo shoot, which will take place in her studio in New York, to raise funds for mothers and children in Ukraine; an NFT dedicated to young Ukrainians was also developed, with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross

NEW YORK, May 03, 2022-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Anne Geddes, a photographer known worldwide for her iconic photographs that capture the beauty, purity and joy of the blossoming of life, brought her artistry and creativity to NFT in the first opportunity. On May 6, 2022, the Anne Geddes Mother’s Day 2022 NFT Collection will come down at 9 am PT to celebrate Mother’s Day. The Collection brings together nine selections available in different formats. This highly anticipated collection will be sold exclusively on the certified carbon-neutral blockchain marketplace, WAX, and is powered by Shopify’s Waxify app. Well -known artist works can be purchased on FIAT (USD) via credit card, PayPal and other traditional payments, as well as WAXP, Bitcoin and Ethereum. This crossover collection seamlessly bridges the gap between traditional Anne Geddes photo collectors and avid NFT collectors.

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Anne Geddes brings her artistry and creativity to NFTs for the first time. (Graphic: BusinessWire)

Buyers can preregister for the sale at, with presales starting the day before, on May 5, 2022 at 9 am PT.

The collection settings are as follows:

Limited edition digital print:

The nine photos in the Mother’s Day collection will be made as digital art prints. Each digital proof can be “exchanged” for the equivalent of 8 x 10 inch physical proof.

Signature Series:

The nine photos in the collection will form the “Signature Series”. Each digital proof will have an authenticated, original digital signature, and will be accompanied by a signed physical proof. Only 20 copies of each proof are available for a total of 180 proofs. These proofs were created exclusively for the Anne Geddes Mother’s Day 2022 NFT Collection.

Collection 1-of-1:

Two photos from the collection will be available in digital and physical, one-of-one, limited-edition prints. Each photo will have a verified original digital signature, and a uniquely signed physical print.

Each expertly minted NFT includes an exclusive offer to redeem for a physical piece of art, made exclusively for that launch. Each NFT will also contain a punchline video of Anne personally speaking to each of her photos. Additionally, all digital and physical proof will be made exclusively for this collection, and will not be made in this format thereafter.

Another notable event, Anne will also be auctioning off a private photo shoot, which will take place in her studio in New York, to raise funds for mothers and children in Ukraine. Another commemorative NFT to support Ukrainian children will be available in the gallery to help raise additional funds. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Anne’s photographs have been particularly valued and respected by many generations, and her symbolic move to blockchain technology to showcase the iconic Anne Geddes Mother’s Day NFT Collection is a groundbreaking step for an artist of this caliber.

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