Toulouse. At Crédit municipal, “the bulk of our work is to help the most needy”

The Crédit municipal de Toulouse receives one hundred people every day. (©

About ten of them are waiting, this Sunday afternoon, in the waiting room of the Crédit municipal de Toulouse. When her number was called, a woman stood up and entered the office of one of the agents before leaving. some jewelry from her purse. Like him, nearly a hundred people come every day to pawn something valuable, in exchange for an amount of fresh money.

Quick need of money

Toulouse’s municipal credit is located near the Capitol, rue des Lois.
Toulouse’s municipal credit is located near the Capitol, rue des Lois. (© LF)

“Mountain of mercy”, “my aunt”, “nail” … Whatever name you give, the municipal credit is a way for many Toulouse residents. Here, through a pledge loan, get money, without guarantees, or conditions of resources. And very fast.

“To make a pawnbroker contract with Municipal Credit, All you need is an identity card and proof of residence less than three months, explains Marie Meyzie, who manages the establishment’s communications. We are asking for additional invoices for connected items and expensive products. »

Expertise of an auctioneer

Each asset named is assessed by an auctioneer.
Each asset named is assessed by an auctioneer. (©

Once the administrative formalities are completed, the goods are assessed by an auctioneer.

“Most of us have jewelry,” explains Clément, one of two auctioneers who oversee Crédit Municipal. And a lot of gold, especially now that the price is rising. The amount of debt made in exchange for the object depends in particular on its estimated value in the public auction market.

When the estimate is made, the money is paid to the owner of the object. A contract is established for six months, it can be renewed as many times as necessary, against the payment of interest, its rate varies according to the amount lent. And the owner can go and take his property and “claim” it whenever he wants.

From ten euros

“The The average loan amount is 590 euros, explains Stéphane Martinez, head of the pawnshop service. There may be very few loans, in the amount of only ten euros. And sometimes we have very good pieces: we recently promised a ring at 30,000 euros for example. »

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Goods stored in the safe of Crédit municipal de Toulouse, the time period of the loans. And can also be sold at auction, if the owner wants or if he can not pay the money by the due date of the loan.

More than just pawnbroking

“Of course, some people come to commit to something because they’re desperate,” Stéphane Martinez said. But many also regard Crédit municipal as their bank and come here when they have a particular need for fresh money. It is still one of the ways to make money right away. »

But in these times when the problem of declining purchasing power is worrying more households, the Crédit municipal de Toulouse also offers services other than pawnbroking.

The help that is particularly passable the provision of microcredit for specific projects or by budget advice point. Managed by volunteers, this system provides personal advice on managing your budget. “The idea is to give advice to avoid over-indebtedness when possible, explains Marie Meyzie. And when it’s too late, we help compile over-indebtedness files.»

These free consultations have experienced renewed interest in recent weeks. “Budget management is like no other, it can be learned!” », Examines Stéphane Martinez. “We are a public establishment of a social nature : the bulk of our work has helped the poorest. »

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