The VMware Sovereign Cloud Initiative now expands to 14 Partners

The growing importance of data sovereignty for organizations, against a backdrop of growing geopolitical tensions, is leading governments and most regulated industries to thoroughly review their public cloud strategies and assess their governance in this place. The VMware Sovereign Cloud initiative helps customers identify and interact with trusted national or regional cloud service providers that can meet their specific needs. Announced by VMware, Inc. the expansion of this program to new partners, as well as the introduction of new cloud-native developer features that increase the value of all VMware Cloud Provider offers.

VMware Sovereign Cloud’s new partners are IONOS SE, Saudi Telecom Company (STC), Sopra Steria AS and TDRA. This expansion brings the number of initiative participants to 14 organizations, each representing a unique region (Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Saudi Arabia , Arab Emirates United States, India and United States).

Many companies around the world are setting up sovereign clouds based on VMware

VMware Cloud Provider offers sovereign cloud solutions to customers representing regulated industries such as banking, finance, healthcare, local retail and e-commerce, energy, appliances, defense, intelligence, regional telecommunications and public sector. Here are some examples:

• Hummingbird, an Australian company that provides a range of IT services to the public and private sectors, has sought help from sovereign cloud provider AUCloud.

• Nimble, a Canadian provider of document imaging products, services and solutions, has partnered with ThinkOn to meet its sovereignty requirements.

• Geoff Smith Associates (GSA) is a leading provider of cloud-hosted IT solutions for information management, confidential systems, criminal justice and case management.

New cloud services for developers powered by VMware Tanzu

VMware enables cloud providers that go beyond core IaaS and PaaS offerings to offer managed application modernization services for cloud-native workloads. They can set up fully managed internal clouds intended for developers; private cloud hosted data center partners; or a managed service hosted in the cloud by leading hyperscale providers. Today, VMware offers the VMware Tanzu Application Platform and the VMware Tanzu Data Services portfolio. These solutions will allow its provider partners to expand their Cloud service offerings designed for developers.

With the Tanzu Application Platform, users benefit from a rich portfolio of tools to quickly, simply, and more securely build and deploy production software in any regulatory-compliant public cloud, or in internal Kubernetes cluster. Development teams can get started faster with pre-configured templates, have access to industry-leading tools, and create and maintain more secure, robust, and reusable workflows for lifecycle management. of modern applications. Importantly, customers can set up smooth handover mechanisms between development and production teams by clearly describing their activities.

Tanzu Data Services is a portfolio of caching, messaging, and database software for teams developing modern cloud-native applications. Using Greenplum, SQL, Gemfire and RabbitMQ technologies, they get on-demand, self-service access to critical data services. Provisioning automation helps accelerate development, testing, and seamless delivery practices, providing a consistent experience across the sovereign cloud. Customers can also export their current data to the cloud, and web-scale data services can be trusted.

Offers data protection and security from an ecosystem of partners

With VMware’s extensive ecosystem of technology partners, sovereign cloud providers can ensure a rich portfolio of solutions to enhance their offerings. The publisher works with members of this connected ecosystem to offer new features in the following areas:

• Built-in, self-service, and sovereign cloud object storage: Sovereign clouds must provide on-premises object-oriented storage capabilities to meet data residency needs. Cloudian offers a service adapted to the growing volume of national data and application development innovations.

• Ransomware protection, backup and recovery: Data protection is another critical aspect of the sovereign cloud, as no workload or application is immune to cybercriminals. Veeam and Cloudian solutions use fixed storage and instant workload recovery technologies to help protect sovereign environments and prevent critical national data from being altered or encrypted.

• Core management services: Sovereign cloud environments require the highest level of protection, including encryption and core management technologies. Fortanix’s integrated data security platform gives VMware Cloud Provider customers more control over their most sensitive workloads, and simplifies key services from other partners using encryption, tokenization, and confidentiality. management. In addition, VMware Sovereign Cloud customers enjoy full control and ownership of the keys located within a VMware Sovereign Cloud. Fortanix DSM adds to all of these hardware security modules with FIPS 140.2 Level 3 certification; basic management technology capable of ensuring regional isolation; and enabling customers to fully comply with specific privacy/data transfer regulations, including Shrems II and GDPR. With VMware Cloud Director, the VMware Cloud Provider can easily leverage an ecosystem of partners to deliver integrated services, creating robust platforms that adhere to many of the sovereign cloud principles.

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