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Statements made in 2021 by France’s Minister of Economy, Finance and Recovery testify to France’s dynamism and its capacity to change.

Because yes, cocorico: the France belongs to starting countries ! A feature that allows him, according to the group Indexiawill do advance its knowledge and R&D worldwide.

Indexia group, member of the startup nation

Indexia group, member of the startup nation

L ‘2022 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (the famous Tech show in Las Vegas) featured the excellence of young French shoots. At least 130 French startup is actually present, the second largest contingent behind the United States.

Ang France done today important figure in the field of technology. He is also 1eh European countries for the number of high -growth companies in this sector! In his first election, President Emmanuel Macron declared that he wanted to make ” a land of unicorns, the land of the giants of tomorrow “. Yung unicornsfrom start-ups worth more than a billion dollarsay 5 in 2018. Today, France has 23. And the craze is well and truly happening: investors have injected nearly 10 billion euros in 2021, i.e., 4 times more than in 2017.

Ang tricolor technological and digital sectors nature a real boom, a performance lever that greatly contributes to the French economy and boosts its attractiveness. In addition, it should be noted that setting up in France is based on a cheaper and faster process than in other countries. Thus, it takes an average of 3.5 days to set up a business in France (compared to 4.5 in the United Kingdom and even 10.5 in Germany) with methods whose cost represents 0.7% of per capita income in France. (compared to 1.1% in United). State and 1.9% in Germany).

This approach allows for more promote local work as shown by Indexia Group Policy who chose to set up in France (with areas in Romans-sur-Isère, Roanne and Paris) and recruit locally as its CEO, Sadri Fegaier, explains: Our group chose the local and the person. I actively defend entrepreneurship and the Made in France economy, which has a lot of potential because France is also a breeding ground for talent. We favor the creation of jobs at the local level, specifically for young people in our job education programs, we accept the challenge of conservation and revitalization in call centers in the regions when others will move, we have invested in new areas and are currently developing our sites in the regions … All this while maintaining our historic headquarters in our hometown in the heart of the Drôme “.

The State encourages the ecosystem of French startups

The State encourages the ecosystem of French startups
The State encourages the ecosystem of French startups

To position France as a digital country and stimulate a collective dynamic, the government decided to launch public action in 2013: French Tech. This initiative makes it possible to bring together all players around a culture of start -up and strengthen France’s image as a land of change in the world to attract the best talents but also international investors.

This collective mobilization establishes France’s credibility in terms of digital innovation, such asIndexia which greatly developed its activity. The company, which originally offered affinity insurance, has made flexibility and innovation a marker of growth.

Its expertise has enabled the development of its business in France and Europe but also diversification: website creation services, repair/reconditioning/recycling of multimedia devices, the “Pass’Location” for rent of devices on demand technology and urban mobility (cars, electric scooters, GoPro, consoles, drones …) …

It is a 360 ° service now offered by this actor who is committed to a circular economy and favors the short circuit.

The goals of French Tech:

  • Federate all players in one territory to allow startups to have access to nearby resources: accelerators, public funding, business angels, recruitment, etc. ;
  • Accelerate thanks to growth tools like PASS French Tech (for companies in hyper-growth) or the Bourse French Tech (Bpifrance seed funding to launch its startup);
  • Promote to give startups the opportunity to export worldwide by accessing the network of French Tech Hubs, major international tech events and dedicated tools (French Tech Visa, French Tech Ticket) .

Indexia joined the French Tech Next 40/120 program

The State encourages the ecosystem of French startups
The State encourages the ecosystem of French startups

To do more, French Tech Next 40/120 is set up to accompany and support French scale-ups with the potential to become technological leaders on a global scale. The challenge is to really highlight in a highly competitive sector the actors who respond through their innovations to contemporary societal challenges, such as mobility or the ecological transition.

Issues at the heart of the concerns ofIndexia Group that makes every effort to simplify the connected lives of consumerss ”and promote French know-how. The company voluntarily decided to establish itself in France to offer local service to its customers (thanks to its 100 stores present in the territory as well as its workshop in Romans-sur-Isère) and to meet their expectations. The goal is to really control the entire value chain to have a complete and ultra-quality offer.

The approach, the values ​​and the impressive The ability of Indexia to change resulted: the group recorded a 328% growth (and even 1,100% in 5 years!) and tops the top 25 of turnover on the 2022 list of French growth champions, its turnover is in excess of a billion euros. This ultra-dynamic growth opened the door to French Tech Next40/120 in 2022. A difference not small because only 120 French startups and scale-ups are selected each year to be part of the program!

For support its growing developmentIndexia announced its recruitment forecasts, including for this year 1,500 recruitment in France, including 200 in a work-study program, but not only. This digital expert continues to expand overseas, with boutiques already open in Belgium, Spain and Portugal, but also has a commercial presence in Italy, the Czech Republic and Switzerland. However, the group will continue to evolve while honoring the values ​​it values ​​through local recruitment. Therefore, it plans to recruit nearly 500 employees in Spain, 200 in Portugal and 150 in Belgium to meet its goals, namely the opening of 100 new points of sale to reach a park of 200 by the end of the year. and 500 over 3 years.

Local service is really one of the high points Indexia Group, which has more than 8 million customers. ” We made a bet to diversify ourselves, to direct our activities toward a local service, to the opening of physical points of sale, and toward a circular economy by placing reconditioned in the spotlight explanation by Sadri Fegaier. Faced with developments in the technology sector, it is important to be as close as possible to consumers to reassure them and advise them by establishing a relationship of trust. Customers can go to the store to benefit in a personalized way from the expertise of the consultants present. It’s also an opportunity to test products and discover refurbished models, a market that for Indexia represents a new paradigm in consumption: refurbished smartphones will in fact record growth of 15% in 2021, compared to 4 .5% for the new market.

Between its distribution network, which is focused on the circular economy and its international development, Indexia is consolidating its position as a major player in Europe in the design of services for sustainable multimedia. The group plans to achieve a business volume of 1.26 billion euros this year.

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