Skilleo: “The game surpasses traditional selection methods”

Can you show Skilleo, its mindset and its missions?

Skilleo is the first video game recruitment platform, using video games for the general public to assess candidates ’soft skills.

Skilleo came from the observation that the practice of video games is often not taken seriously by recruiters.

This is why at Skilleo our mission is to promote the skills developed through the practice of video games.

Two things we understood, the world of recruitment has evolved and the balance between companies and recruitment candidates has been reversed, the decision-making power is in the hands of the talents.

Video games became, in 50 years, the first cultural industry in the world before cinema and music, there were 3 billion players on Earth, that is almost half the world’s population.

The use of video games will therefore take on its full meaning, making it possible to unite the widest audience of talents.

Your startup is unique in the way it assesses the soft skills of candidates. How do video games represent an associated evaluation lever?

The game has surpassed traditional selection methods and several scientific studies have confirmed the validity of tests on thinking ability, but also their effectiveness in predicting job performance.

Adding game elements to the assessments makes it difficult for them to decode, as intentions and habits are not directly assessed and it is less obvious for test takers to forge their reactions.

Additionally, the playful assessment environment distracts test takers from paying less attention to the fact they are being assessed, thus reducing test anxiety and promoting behaviors that are more likely to appear unintentionally. or voluntary means rather than desirable or socially acceptable behaviors.

How does it enrich the candidate’s experience?

On half of the career sites your CV will not be processed correctly the line of your last experience will be interpreted as your place of residence, and why?

Because there are so many CV templates that it is impossible for a robot to read them all correctly. And again, I skip the stage where you need to create an account on the company’s career site, when you’re on the 12th creating an account you’ll be bored, and rightly so! This does not take into account the tracking and management of your personal data: you will need to, if you give it a little attention, ask each of the career site platforms to delete your data.

Once the application has been submitted, you will receive a response on average within 10 days, 10 days !! When you send an email to your banker, you expect him to answer you faster than in 10 days, right?

If this first answer is positive, you will enter the classic prequalification interview, technical test, manager interview, etc.

All of these elements affect your candidate experience. The higher the difficulty for the candidate, the less good the experience and the more likely you are to lose the best candidates.

Did you know that candidates are willing to spend less than 10 minutes applying for a job?

At Skilleo, we did the opposite approach by being “Candidate Centric” with every action thought out from the candidate’s perspective, to reduce difficulty as much as possible.

Skilleo registration is done via LinkedIn, 5 seconds is the time it takes to link your account. The only data you are asked to do is your phone number and your location to guide recruiters who are interested in your profile and who promise to respond to you within 48 to 72 hours after your application.

No resume or cover letter! After a brief presentation of the platform, you can apply for offers, and complete your profile with hard and soft skills a posteriori if you wish.

If you want to assess your soft skills, no psychotechnical test where you will spend 30 min answering 150 questions, instead, we offer you a game of video game, mas maganda pa rin di ba?

We let you choose the slot that suits you then the game will be made available free of charge and accessible directly from your browser if needed, at no cost, no waiting, no downloading …

All of these elements enrich the candidate’s experience.

How have companies integrated this new approach into their recruitment process?

In a few words, I can say a lot of curiosity and kindness. Many companies ask us about best practices, player profiles and soft skills, and understand the interest of using Skilleo to provide a better candidate experience and above all to differentiate themselves from other recruiting company by offering the world’s unique candidate path!

What, in your opinion, are the future challenges of recruitment?

The current pressure on companies to recruit will only increase, the transition to digitalization and data will require the recruitment of more tech profiles.

On the Innovation side in France, there are 25 Unicorns that mature faster than expected, all seeking to recruit thousands of new employees, the shortage therefore extends to HR, sales, Products etc.

Even if you have a team of 400 recruiters, the challenge is no longer to originate but to attract. For me, the future of recruitment is played out with the employer brand to attract candidates, the candidate experience to convert them and not get lost in the recruitment process, and of course with QVT to keep your talents once in the post. 😉

For more information on the Skilleo platform, go directly to their website and click here.

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