Seine and Marne. At the bank, he diverted the attention of seniors to steal their money

Thieves target the weak and elderly and steal money at ATMs. One of the suspects was sentenced at the Meaux court in Seine-et-Marne on April 29, 2022 (© Adobe Stock/Illustration)

His accomplice has not been identified, young Florin is alone in the box, Friday April 29, 2022 in the court of Meaux. He had to answer for 14 thefts or attempts in 14 Seine-et-Marne communities. As a duo, he stole money from the elderly or poor people who came to withdraw money from ATMs.

The methodology is well established. In the middle of the day, the two carefully wait for a senior or a vulnerable person to go to the ATM. Once the credit card is entered and the code is registered, they grabbed his attention or the huddled to enter an amount and retrieve banknotes.

They enraged the large number of the municipalities of Seine-et-Marnaise, sometimes carrying out raids on Oise and Aisne. But the perseverance of the gendarmes of Saint-Soupplets made it possible to end this merry-go-round. Their investigative work was praised by the prosecutor.

9 flights and 5 trials in 14 days

The investigation by the brigade soldiers began on Thursday, April 14, after receiving the filing of a complaint froma woman over 60 : he only flew two individuals. When they got close, he struggled to shout and drove them away.

In the days that followed, investigators searched for the same fact. Through cross-checking, they identified some but only 13 were retained, 9 of which allowed the authors to recover. amounts from € 400 to € 900.

On April 12 and 13, they won at Esbly, Thorigny-sur-Marne and Mée-sur-Seine before experiencing the first setback the next day in Meaux. Saint-Soupplets, Dammartin-en-Goële, following a random route, they proceeded to investigate the region more than ten dayswith more or less success: Le Plessis-Belleville, Noailles (Oise), Mormant, Bois-le-Roi…

Due to video surveillance, gendarmes spotted two vehicles, entering and exiting the Bobigny and Vaujours camps where the Romanians live. Then they met Florin and arrested him. Several witnesses met him on photographic boards. But it was impossible to find his accomplice.

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“I have to do it! »

In police custody, Florin applied for instructions received from the head of the clan : giving false identification, allegedly being a minor and refusing to speak. The guaranteed way to escape jail, according to him, in case of arrest. Unfortunately for Florin, the Romanian Embassy confirmed his identity and his age: he kaka-18 lang four days before the first offense.

Once in the box to be judged in the immediate appearance, and after learning of the pre-trial detention, he decided to express himself. With the help of an interpreter, he first confessed before speaking about himself:

I didn’t know I was that old. I can’t read, can’t write. I had to do it! Together with my father, my mother, my siblings, we had to pay € 500 to the clan chief per person to enter the camp and € 150 per month for the caravan.

€ 900 stolen from one of the victims

Two of the 14 victims appeared at the hearing. Mary, 78 years old at Isabelle, 58 years old and disabled, prefer to call the same attorney to represent them. A total of ten people filed civil lawsuits.

Josiane describes the scene:

I want to withdraw money for my grandchildren’s Easter. When I put the card in the machine and dialed the code, two men entered. One pushed me and the other took € 900 from me.

Then, Odile goes to the bar to tell her sad experience:

Last Monday, I needed money. When I saw the counters and the curtain closed, I hesitated. Alone in the room, I heard the door and saw the two men it was time to do the code. They tried to push me. I was scared and I screamed. They left immediately.

Then, before returning to his place, he added: “I have raised three children alone. I need money too. So I worked! “.

A heavy criminal record

Almost in tears, holding hands, Florin was not convinced when he repeated:

Promise, I have a lot more to do. I will stop associating with people who steal. I’m going to work.

At the time of his requests, the representative of the public prosecutor’s office Florin, who arrived in France 4 years ago, recalled that has been sentenced five times of the juvenile court, which he still had to face 9 more flights made while he was under judicial supervision and supervised by an educator.

Speaking to members of the court, he asked for a heavy and dissuasive sentence: “The court’s decision should be greater than the gains. In their clans, young people work to ensure resources for their seniors. For this, they are attacking and robbing our elders! “.

“Stealing was not his choice, it was with his parents”

During his argument, the defense attorney tried to refute the prosecutor’s statements and show that Florin was “formatted by the family environment”:

Stealing was not his choice of life, it was with his parents. At the age of our children in college, my client pleaded. The weak person is also my client. He has been under the influence since childhood.

If he agreed that the defendant should be convicted, he concluded by questioning “a gradation of sentences” knowing that Florin would be re-tried soon.

Seriousness dominated the judges ’decision. Florin received three years in prison wherein three -month suspended sentence was added. Continued detention was ordered.

Upon his release, he had to submit to the emission ban on Ile-de-France for three years. He will also have to pay the seven victims for a total amount of € 4,700. Two others will assert their rights at a civil interest hearing.

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