Leviia: the French cloud challenging GAFAM

In the cloud landscape, we’re familiar with big names like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. And for good reason, these are online storage services offered by large companies including GAFAM. But in all this competition, a French company wants to make a name for itself. Since the end of 2020, the French company Leviia has been offering its own online storage platform, which aims to be ecological, all without compromising on performance.

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Leviia, the French AND green clouds

Leviia is a 100% French company. In the midst of the crisis at Covid, Arnaud and William Méauzoone, then aged 27 and 30, had the idea to create a French storage platform. In fact, the cloud market is primarily held by American companies, which means data stored online is subject to American laws. With Leviia, your data stays in France: it’s stored in three data centers located in Roubaix, Gravelines and Strasbourg. And for more security, they are synchronized every night. This means that every night, backups of your data are done in triplicate: with Leviia, your files and documents are properly preserved!

Unlike most well-known clouds, including Leviia, your data is hosted by a company that cares about the environment. In fact, online storage represents a significant form of pollution. Although it is difficult to avoid storing data online, it is otherwise possible to try to offset one’s carbon emissions by taking actions to protect the environment. This is exactly what Leviia offers! And they’re not content with simply offsetting their carbon emissions: part of Leviia’s revenue is given to associations to offset their carbon footprint not 100% but 200%! In particular, they donated money to Reforesaction, a company that fights for environmental protection and reforestation.

Finally, the French cloud is also a local partner: do you have a question? Are you having a hard time? In Leviia, you always have someone to help you, and speak your language.

Leviia, the French AND great clouds

A French company focused on the environment level is good, but does Leviia offer a cloud as good as GAFAM? The answer is yes! To be weird, it wasn’t enough to play the sensitive chord, and that, Leviia understood it very well! The high-performance cloud is a space that lets you store as much data as you want, securely, with fast servers, at affordable prices and like Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive, Leviia ticks all these boxes.

In terms of security, as we have seen, your data is replicated in triplicate, on servers located in France. But that’s not all! Leviia servers are protected by high -performance technologies. There is an anti-DDOS system to prevent attacks that target large amounts of data. The data is divided, so that only you can access your data. There’s also military encryption, which encrypts your data once it’s sent to the server, and ransomware protection, which acts as a powerful antivirus. At Leviia, the security of your data is an essential part of the process!

Finally, Leviia announced excellent performance in terms of transition speed. Their servers can process up to 1 GB per second! Either 30 photos in 4K in 2 seconds, or 1 movie in HD in 5.5 seconds.

Leviia, more than a cloud, is a true work partner

In addition to offering great performance in terms of online storage, Leviia also offers a real workspace. With the proliferation of telework, companies are increasingly demanding a standard online workspace that is convenient, fast and secure.

In fact, Leviia workspace offers an integrated office suite, 100% compatible with the Microsoft Office suite. With Leviia workspace, you can share your documents and projects with your colleagues or relatives, and do them simultaneously with them! Therefore, Leviia becomes a real tool at work, which will accompany you every day.

Leviia, different offers to suit everyone’s needs

To meet the needs of most users, Leviia offers at least 10 different formulas. The first five formulas are primarily aimed at individuals, these are Personal offers. These offers range from 100 GB to 10 TB. Personal offers start at € 1.80 excl. VAT per month, or € 21.60 excl. VAT per year. If you need more storage space, Expert offers will allow you to store up to 1000 TB of data!

Leviia also works with companies with specific needs in terms of workspace. If the suggested offers don’t meet your needs, you can contact them to get a customized Pro offer, on white label and managing user accounts.

Leviia offers are in the form of a subscription and are all non -binding: you can choose to cancel your offer at any time!

Who says big storage space says big amount of data. The speed of the servers is a big plus, but if you need to first download your data to your computer before sending it back to your Leviia cloud, this can take some time. The good news is with Leviia, you won’t have to. In fact, Leviia is compatible with a variety of drives, and allows you to transfer your data from one drive to another.

The same goes for NAS owners: Leviia is compatible with all NAS on the market. If you have a Synology, QNAP or Western Digital NAS, you can synchronize or back up your data to your Leviia cloud.

Finally, Leviia is compatible with Windows, MacOS and GNU/Linux, to support the largest number of users.

As you can understand, Leviia is a serious competitor to GAFAM’s offers. The young French company has no envy of the largest, on the contrary!


The article was written in collaboration with Leviia

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