discover the astronomical price of crazy costumes from TF1

In each episode of Mask Singer, the surprises follow each other and are not identical. Today, we are talking about the thorny subject of garments …

Mask Singer (finally) lowered the mask!

This trailer for Mask Singer tickled with our curiosity. To say we had to wait almost a year after the shot to discover the images. Compared to the two previous parts, we have the impression that production has put more resources into it. First of all, because it’s a remake, it’s easier to convince international celebrities. Whether it’s comedian Teri Hatcher or singer Seal, they seem to explode as Ladybug or Crystal Cowboy. For the second time, Objeko believe that garments must be met. Often carefully evaluated by viewers, unless you’re a little rat, you don’t always do it backstage. From doing so to the stellar adjustments that agreed to this incredible challenge, they took several months. And time … is money, friend!

The testimony of this celebrity is thrilling

Disguised as a cosmonaut, humorist Pierre Palmade angered our investigators, and especially Jarry. Unable to recover from his performance If you were there de Louane, he wholeheartedly thanked Muriel Robin’s accomplice for lending himself to the exercise. For his part, the actor clarifies things and relates everything to our colleagues from Gala. “JI asked if they were willing to accept me on the sole condition of having a smart suit. » Very quickly, he made a list of all these imperatives Mask Singer. Doesn’t want to be “funny” and even less assimilation into a “animal”, the situation is complicated. Upon first putting on his spaceman outfit, magic happened. “I’m happy, I like it. I am proud that I have shown that I can sing“.

If we dig up the archives of Mask Singer, we realize that there are often funny things. In particular, we think of the beautiful unicorn who won the first season. The buyer of Nagui in Everyone wants to take its place was really happy to have won this incredible challenge. During confinement, Laurence Boccolini has already shown us that he has a beautiful voice that can calm souls. As for the cupcake (Natasha St-Pier), despite all her efforts, the Canadian singer failed to reach the podium.

How to make the price of Mask Singers costumes profitable?

For a long time, the costume designers of Mask Singer destroy their brains. How can you prevent the jury from immediately guessing who it is? On the other hand, there is no question that the star suffers minimal collateral damage. A fall happened very quickly. Moreover, this detail is explained to us which takes on its full meaning today. “Because the artist’s eye is rarely in the mask, we put up small grids so he can see where he is going. » For those not yet accustomed to the show, we design the hassle to avoid laughter or falling. In this third episode, impersonator Marc-Antoine Le Bret changes things. Before going to the doors of the semi-finals, he was both tigress and crocodile. Also, we can hardly imagine the duplicate work done by the creative teams.

As always, TF1 puts out the package so the show gets the public’s favor. Also, all ideas are good to do as long as the ceiling is not reached. According to information gathered by our friends from PureBreak, it is approximately 42,000 euros. With experience gained in previous issues of Mask Singer, requires approximately 20,000 euros for a draft. Anyway, just accessories. As far as we know, every week, there are new hints added to it. This year, we think in particular of the flowers of the tree that change according to the seasons. What happiness!

Thanks to our colleagues from Gala and PureBreak

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