Moga XPX5-X Plus, cloud gaming above

With the democratization of Xbox Cloud Gaming, more and more controllers are dedicated to mobile gaming. Every props designer has their own in-house solution and PowerA is no exception to the rule. With the MOGA XPX5-X Plus, the manufacturer delivers a virtually flawless controller that offers its users many significant features tailored to the needs of mobile gaming. From its one-touch charging control to its Power Bank function and its featherweight, the PowerA MOGA XPX5-X Plus is simply one of the best solutions on the market for small screen gaming.

Playing in the living room in the palm of your hand

Playing everywhere, all the time, is an old childhood dream. A dream that however is increasingly taking shape over the years, especially thanks to Cloud Gaming. With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate it is now possible to enjoy Forza Horizon 5, Gears or Halo from your mobile phone. But do you still need to meet the right conditions for the experience to be smooth and pleasant? And that necessarily requires the right equipment.

To meet the needs of mobile gaming, two conflicting perspectives. Nacon or Razer, for example, have chosen to take inspiration from portable consoles for their products. As a result, the game screen is at the center of their accessories providing the full air of the Nintendo Switch or PsVita. A path not followed by PowerA, which instead sided with offering a controller + mounting bracket kit. A combo capable, a priori, of adapting the strengths of the game to the living room with some particularly thoughtful structure.

In fact, the MOGA XPX5-X is based on an official Xbox controller base. We found the shape of the latter and the grip was comparable. The layout of the triggers and main keys are identical, as with the asymmetrical sticks and the direction cross. However, PowerA is signing some evolutions that allow its model to be more practical for Cloud Gaming. Starting with its standard grips on the handles, its featherweight (230 gr) and its two additional buttons located on the back of the controller.


A controller built for mobile gaming

These new buttons, which naturally fall under the middle fingers of each hand, are clearly configurable. So you can assign them any action for maximum gaming comfort by simply pressing a green button available on the base of the MOGA XPX5-X Plus.

Still at the base of the controller, two more keys will appear. The first is a battery indicator that shows, with one touch, the load level of your accessory. Four LEDs illuminate when the reserves are at maximum and empty as you use them. Conveniently know when to recharge the controller and if you are ready for the long journey!

The second button nearby is a charging switch for your phone. As mentioned above, the MOGA XPX5-X Plus offers Power Bank functionality integrated into the controller. With a capacity of 3000 mAh, you can recharge your phone on your trip or while you play. To do this, simply plug a USB cable into the port between the LB and RB and connect it to your phone. Then activate the switch and your controller battery will recharge your mobile battery. Magical (not really) but above all very practical and useful!

Note in passing that charging your controller is done by Micro-USB, just like Xbox One controllers. Count approximately 3 hours of charge for 20 hours of Bluetooth 4.2 gaming. In case of low battery, or to save it over time, you can also choose to play wired, either on your Android or on your PC. Because yes, the MOGA XPX5-X Plus is only compatible with these devices and therefore you will not be allowed to play on your Xbox console. You have been warned!

Last point will give you an overview of this controller signed by PowerA: the absence of vibration. It was surprising in the first games but finally got its full meaning because of the XPX5-X Plus proposal. The absence of a vibration motor makes it possible to obtain a large battery while minimizing the weight of the accessory. A requirement in MOGA specifications that aims to offer you comfortable gaming conditions even if your phone is screwed to the controller.


Easy screen installation

To ensure the good stability of your gaming screen, Power A has therefore provided a fixing clip. It is easy to install on the controller thanks to the two notches provided for this purpose and all are perfectly ergonomic and lightweight. The support also has two removable hinges that let you adjust the offset of the screen and its inclination. You can position your phone as you like and thus best distribute the weight of the latter. A solution that finally fits everyone’s preferences in just a snap.

Another big advantage of this solution is that the usb or jack ports of your phone remain fully accessible. The sides of your mobile really don’t have all the sockets and therefore you can plug in your headphones or charger while you play. Be careful, however, with screen manipulations as you play. Although stable when installed, it remains easy to remove your phone from the four legs used to “pinch” it and hold it. While this won’t be a problem on the train, in the car, or in your bed, you need to make sure that an accidental knocker doesn’t tip your phone on the bus or in areas with more people moving. .

Once acted upon, the whole thing very quickly becomes natural. All gaming habits are maintained thanks to the controller design and no fatigue or muscle tension is felt while using. Some adjustments are of course necessary to find the perfect screen positioning, but once it is found, the XPX5-X Plus controller becomes a real treat for cloud gaming. Especially since it is so easy and quick to change the angle of view to counteract a blinding sunlight. The best!


Play cloud gaming on the Moga XPX5-X Plus

Within 10 days of testing, the Moga XPX5-X Plus had no problem establishing itself as my favorite accessory for Cloud Gaming. Thanks to its charge indicator, I don’t have any unpleasant battery drain surprises and its PowerBank function allows me to play even when my phone is almost flat. And if these two features have already made a difference, the rest of the proposal has already ended up convincing me. Along with its almost perfect grip.

The Xbox controller is definitely one of the best proposals on the market, of all time. So it’s so much fun to find it here, as well as all of its gaming habits. Faced with the competition that instead offers ersatz portable console, we are faced here with an accessory that allows you to play all kinds of games without difficulty. Without creating any particular muscle tension or fatigue.

So of course in this combo you have to carry everything in one bag. Where the Razer Kishi or the Nacon Pro Controller can fit in a (large) pocket, the XPX5-X Plus requires a container. But the convenience of playing seems to me so great that I have no difficulty in giving up this need. Especially at an affordable price, 75 €, less than its competitors. The perfect accessory to be serious about cloud gaming. Whether every day or for the upcoming holidays!

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