3 Ontarians shared their experience with the electoral processes in their home country

In 1995, Kettly Excellent, who had lived in Toronto for 14 years, was running for the post of mayor of Delmas, a community located in the West department and in the borough of Port-au-Prince, in Haiti. In front of Ms. The outgoing mayor was excellent then. A choice he deserves, he says.

My political party then chose me because of the work I did for the departure of dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, and then for my fight for democracy in Haiti. he says.

Jean-Claude Duvalier was President of the Republic of Haiti from 1971 to 1986.

Kitty Excellent thinks she also has a compelling speech. My speech moved people. “Oh my God, a girl speaks like that” so people move, they want to touch me, engage, see me come and see what I have to givehe recalled.

Excerpt from one of the posters used by Kettly Excellent during her 1995 election campaign.

Photo: Provided by Kettly Excellent.

Polling day was one of the moments that marked his experience as Delmas ’mayoral candidate.

Polling day was an unforgettable day. Voting for someone else is one thing, but voting for yourself is another thing.he says.

Fortunately, I cried. Oh, my God, I really want to succeed, to have this mandate so that I can change the way things are done in the community. »

A quote from Kettly Excellent, former candidate for mayor of the municipality of Delmas in Haiti

Si Ms. Excellent, however, was not elected. Unfortunately, I came second. I met the loss with tears because people really voted for me. It’s really sad.

He regrets that the process in Haiti lacks transparency and he admires the Canadian elections for the same transparency.

When you go to an election in a country [Haïti] to those in power, then they are in charge. They will decide how many positions they will give to other political parties, which are not in Canadahe says.

There is democracy here in Canada

The transparency and credibility of Canadian elections has always marked Kettly Excellent. We can say that there is democracy here in Canada and we cannot steal the election. People vote and then the government decides not to give you power, it gives it to its candidate. Not available here in Canada he says.

Torontonian Hubert Shimba Osonga Mbenga, also shares this opinion. Canada is a developed country, a country with a long electoral history and populations with a certain political awareness.he argued.

Hubert Shimba smiled at the camera.

Hubert Shimba is a candidate in the Kole territorial constituency in Sankuru province in the DRC.

Photo: Provided by Hubert Shimba

Unsuccessful candidate in 2018 for provincial deputy in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mr. Shimba thinks that in Canada candidates for the election have fewer challenges to overcome than in the DRC.

To make the population understand and accept its program is one of the main challenges he himself faces, he explains.

I specifically presented myself with a speech that people didn’t understand and the result was completely catastrophic because it wasn’t what people expected of me. »

A quote from Hubert Shimba Osonga Mbenga, former candidate for provincial deputy in the DRC

He said he understood later that the speech alone would not convince his voters.

I discovered that people were not willing to listen to me until I gave them money. Wasting time, I admit I failed. Very difficult, a total failurehe says.

Hubert Shimba pointed that out money is not the only factor that plays for the success or failure of one or the other. However, he thinks that there are some people who can be declared elected, but are not.

The election was canceled

Abbasli Ehrun in a room holds the camera next to another person.

Abbasli Ehrun in 2020 during the election campaign of his father Rauf Arifoghlu in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

Photo: Provided by Abbasli Ehrun

Abbasli Ehrun, a fourth-year filmmaking student at York University, was one of the main campaigners for his father, Rauf Arifoghlu, in Azerbaijan’s snap legislative election in 2020.

000maisons d’électeurs, ce qui a été une expérience formidable”,”text”:”J’étais responsable de la création de contenu sur les réseaux sociaux et j’enregistrais les vidéos pour mon père. Nous avons visité environ 31000maisons d’électeurs, ce qui a été une expérience formidable”}}”>I was responsible for creating social media content and recording videos for my father. We visited approximately 31,000 voters ’homes which was a great experiencehe says.

More than two years after the election, no MP has sat in the Azerbaijani parliament on behalf of the electoral district where his father was a candidate following alleged fraud, he said.

My father was elected, but unfortunately he did not get the mandate. The election in our electoral district was canceled. To date, there are no representatives from this region in parliament. »

A quote from Abbasli Ehrun, former member of an election campaign group for a representative office in Azerbaijan

Elections in three other constituencies were also canceled due to fraud.

Mr. doubted. Ehrun that the mandates of representatives could be revoked in Canada without new elections being organized.

Abbasli Ehrun said he was interested in Canadian and Azerbaijani politics. He plans to make a documentary film on the electoral processes in the two countries.

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