World Money Week: FONIJ organized a conference-debate at the Dubréka Arts Institute

As part of the World Money Week celebration, the National Fund for the Integration of Young People (FONIJ) organized yesterday, Wednesday March 31, 2022, a conference-debate at the Dubréka arts institute. The FONIJ initiative aims to educate and make young people aware of the ideas of money, economics, creating lifestyles and how to become an entrepreneur. And, it took place in the presence of Dubréka local authorities and the general secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, reports through one of its journalists.

It is under the theme: “build your future, be smart with money” during World Money Week (5ika Guinea edition, 10ika world edition) is taking place this year in Guinea. It was launched last Monday by FONIJ with financial support from the OECD. And, it is marked by the organization of awareness raising activities to enable young people to imagine their future by making responsible financial decisions.

According to Mariama Ciré Baldé, Director General of FONIJ, there is innovation this year in the celebration of World Money Week. It is a question of making an offensive within the country and especially of going to toddlers who are in elementary school to explain to them how to lay.

Mariama Ciré Baldé, General Manager of FONIJ

“World Money Week is an international celebration where FONIJ conducts an awareness week in schools, institutes, universities to encourage young people to learn and understand the concept of money; and, most importantly, help them get stuck in the informal sector so that they become familiar with micro-finance and banks so that they will finally have the courage to go to these institutions next time to seek advice. This day also serves to help all young entrepreneurs learn the concept of money, accumulate and maintain their structures. This year’s choice of the Dubréka institute is one of FONIJ’s innovations, i.e., go inland and not focus on Conakry … So, our choice fell on the institute because we have young students who will soon get out of this institute. Many of them already have project ideas, many are already enterprising, many of them want to enter entrepreneurship to create other future jobs for other universities. This year’s innovation will also go to elementary school toddlers where the students are at an early age so they can understand how to save, how to save, what is a bank. But, on the side, it is necessary to touch the parents; because through parents it is easy to teach children. So this activity started with a televised debate, yesterday was at a school in Conakry, today we are in Dubréka with students and businessmen. Tomorrow we will also be staying in Dubréka with more than 10 schools selected. We will take samples of students from each school who will meet at the youth center for financial education for toddlers, ”explained Mariama Ciré Baldé.

For Mohamed Bily Kaba, Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, helps educate young people on the concept of money and everything around money.

Mohamed Bily Kaba, Secretary General of the Ministry of Youth

“Everyone wants money now, but not all of us have the same methods and strategies for getting money. We all make money, but we don’t have the same ways of saving money, because we lack education about this money. So we need to bring today’s young people into entrepreneurship, because not all of us can count on the state to enter. And, there is already the national direction of youth employment, but also the national direction of youth insertion is challenging the youth, educating them, accompanying them towards having employment, to offer self-employability to creating their own business. So is also choosing the institute of the arts where we think when we get a musician he sings and the one who makes sculpture sculpts, but now around all this can be formed what is called the idea of management and entrepreneurship to develop this human capital, to develop this human knowledge and also to be productive, from which we try to link the two to support our youth ”, Mohamed Bily Kaba indicated.

For his part, Emmanuel Konomou, a student at the Higher Institute of Arts in Dubréka, welcomed the initiative and hoped it would allow students to plan to develop their projects.

Emmanuel Konomou, student at the Higher Institute of Arts in Dubréka

“In the context of young entrepreneurship, I can say we are very interested in it; because it is a very good initiative for us and it will bring us support and allow us to plan well to make future projects. So they are there today to train us by telling us what to do tomorrow. Since we can no longer wait for it to help (the State), we are artists, so once we have received training, we should try to beautify the works we have so that it will bring us money and when we have the money . we have been told how to manage it, ”said Emmanuel Konomou.

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