Start-up: Montreal should be as efficient as Stockholm

Montreal is at 33at ranking ranking of ecosystems of Get started founded by Startup Genome, behind Toronto (13at) at Vancouver (24at). At the top of the ranking are cities and regions that we will not seek to compete: Silicon Valley, New York, Paris, London, Beijing. On the other hand, by comparing cities of similar size and GDP to Montreal, we notice that Stockholm occupies 11at and Amsterdam, the 15that square. So what do they do better than us?

Posted on Feb 28 2020

Liette Lamonde and Patrick Gagne
Co-founders of Bonjour Startup Montreal

Since our ambition is for Montreal to measure the best ecosystems in the world, we need to go beyond the world rankings and identify ways to climb Montreal there. To this end, Bonjour Startup Montréal has published Photo of the Montreal startup ecosystemin collaboration with the National Bank Institute HEC.

Bonjour Startup Montréal is a non-profit organization created in 2019, co-directed by the Osmo Foundation and the Montreal Foundation Inc., with the support of the City of Montreal, Ministry of Economy and Innovation and private partners. Its mandate is to accelerate community growth Get started by stimulating the mobilization of the ecosystem and its positioning around the world.

All cities are becoming organized (some started earlier than us) to facilitate the creation and growth of home start-ups, these companies are developing business models with high growth potential. These young companies, in addition to creating more and more high -quality jobs, have become major initiators of change. No wonder there is now a global struggle between cities to attract and retain the best Get started.

The ecosystem Get started De Montréal was created over the past 10 years and has undeniable assets, including a pool of 250,000 students, tax benefits for research and development, world-renowned expertise in artificial intelligence and robotics, and an exceptional quality of life for an entrepreneur.

Montréal’s backwardness as an ecosystem is further explained by the fragmentation of services, activities and sources of financing offered to emerging businesses. They are fast growing and numerous but diluted.

It’s time to give our ecosystem an effective way to collaborate and combine our expertise.

Thanks to the ecosystem image, Bonjour Startup Montréal has identified Montréal’s key shortcomings and is now developing solutions, in collaboration with other players. Our efforts are focused on four main goals:

1. Integration of large companies and Get started

Large companies play an important role in being the first major customer of a start-up company. This is largely the strength of Stockholm.

2. Stimulate internationalization

Ang Get started Montrealers export less than the best ecosystems in the world. In Stockholm and Amsterdam, it is natural to sell outside the country of origin, anchored in the very history of these peoples of traders and conquerors.

3. Promote the growth of Get started

It goes through exports, but also through the development, here, of expertise in hypergrowth. Few companies have succeeded in becoming unicorns in Quebec. Stockholm produces a large number of them, Vancouver has seen the value of its ecosystem double thanks to the company Slack.

4. Increase connections to Montreal

We need to facilitate access to finance, in order coachesto talent, and to encourage collaboration between the founders of Get started. This mutual aid is a frequently cited feature of Toronto.

At Bonjour Startup Montréal, we finally have a movement dedicated to rallying all players in the ecosystem. Therefore, it was through greater cooperation and an organized strike force that Montreal was captured and we finally had a way to achieve our ambition: to make Montreal one of the best ecosystems. Get started in the world !

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