Snowflake continues to verticalize its offering to the Retail Data Cloud

Snowflake continues to build its platform to offer a variety of activity sectors specially formatted for their needs, bringing together solutions, partners, and information resources that specialize in selected field. In this case, it is the Retail sector that is targeted with a Retail Data Cloud that is forged for the needs of stores, supermarkets, and other retail specialists.

Verticalizing Cloud offers are one of the major trends of the moment to approach certain markets with solutions specially calibrated for the needs of an industry or a field of activity. In particular, we saw Microsoft’s rejection of Azure in versions ” Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare »,« Microsoft Cloud for financial services »,« Microsoft Cloud for Labor »,« Microsoft Cloud for Retail etc. A trend copied by others like Oracle and the ” Oracle Cloud for Telcos »Or even the world of databases, Databricks and the« Lakehouse for Retail “.

A trend that also inspired Snowflake. The Data Clouds pioneer inaugurated a few months ago “verticalized” versions of its platform using Snowflake Financial Services Data Cloud and Snowflake Media Data Cloud. Recently, the publisher also launched the “Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud” for players in the world of healthcare.

This week, Snowflake formalized a new vertical offer for stores, superstores, and other retail specialists: Snowflake Retail Data Cloud. ” Retail Data Cloud breaks down data loops across industries, enabling businesses to gain agility, deliver exceptional and personalized customer experiences, and optimize operations editor’s explanation.

The idea is to integrate into one targeted offering the Snowflake Data Cloud platform and the solutions and data sources provided by Snowflake and its partners to simplify evaluations, consolidate purchase orders/ stock/manufacturing, manage the end-to-end supply chain, modernize the experience of customers and employees, and promote business agility by responding in real time and omnichannel.

Among the solutions integrated with the Retail Data Cloud, we found:

-“Snowflake-powered” applications, such as from Blue Yonder,, Nulogy and Zabka, that allow retailers, CPGs and other industry players to share relevant data and collaborate with typical retail use cases, from improving the customer experience to optimizing supply chain operations.

-Third-party data source providers, present in the Snowflake Data Marketplace, such as AccuWeather, Atlas, Catalina, Crisp, Experian, Heap, NCSolutions and Numerator in key processes such as improving customers’ 360 ° view, improved demand predictions, etc.

– Consulting and service partners such as Capgemini, Infosys, Slalom, Tata Consultancy Services and TEK Systems who, through their experience with retail players, can accelerate value creation and the digital transformation of businesses.

-Technology partners such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Dataiku, DataRobot, Robling and Tableau that can provide seamless integration and out-of-the-box solutions to maximize power and ease of use of the Retail Data Cloud from Snowflake.

In addition to this combination specially created to build a personalized Data Cloud for the needs of Retail players, Snowflake features the features of its offer to deliver greater business agility:

-Virtual aggregation of all data, regardless of source, speed or format to work from a single source of reality.

-Regulatory compliance through built-in data management supported by easy-to-manage security features: clean room, auditing features such as double-blind access, restricted queries, centralized RBAC, row and column level obfuscation to protect personal information, etc.

-Optimization of operations thanks to elastic performance to cope with seasonal peaks,

-Seamless data sharing across the Retail ecosystem in near real-time across three major public cloud platforms.

-Uses pre-built industry-specific solutions, such as AI/ML solutions, created by Snowflake’s partner network.

This range of integrated retail and consumer packaged goods solutions in Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud will enable the next wave of innovation by providing the data access, management, and sharing needed to enable data and generate value. business graduation by Rosemary Hua, GTM Head of Retail and FMCG at Snowflake. ” Retailers and CPGs can now connect with their partners and with each other in the Data Cloud to take data -based action and better serve their customers in a rapidly changing environment. »

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