“Quite a liar” Johnny Hallyday, left at 8 months by his father and without a mother, felt “extremely lonely” in life

During his lifetime, Johnny Hallyday had a complicated relationship with his parents. Her father left her when she was only 8 months old. Meanwhile, his mother was away when he needed it.

Johnny Hallyday is nothing short of a model parent. In fact, he was raised by his paternal aunt, and his father left him when he was an infant. He was deeply affected by his parents ’attitude towards him. We invite you to explore the details of Johnny Hallyday’s childhood, and his relationship with Léon Smet and Huguette Clerc.

Johnny Hallyday gives a concert at La Fête de l’Humanité on September 15, 1985 at La Courneuve near Paris. . І Source: Getty Images


From his real name Jean Philippe Smet, Johnny Hallyday was born in 1943 in Paris. He had one of the greatest careers in the French music scene. At the family level, life wasn’t always rosy for the rocker, especially in his childhood.

Léon Smet, father of Johnny Hallyday in Paris in January 1967, France. І Source: Getty Images

She grew up without her father, who left her when she was only 8 months old. Léon Smet is a successive actor and television director. She left the family home, leaving her partner alone to take care of their 8-month-old baby. With great difficulty for Huguette Clerc, she entrusted the child to Léon’s sister, Hélène. Johnny Hallyday suffered because of the absence of his father. He confessed in this matter:

“Not having a father has marked my whole life (…) I didn’t know him, except for unpleasant moments. He was alcoholic, seductive, unmanageable and a great actor”.

After 20 years of silence between the two men, Johnny Hallyday (already a planetary star at the age of 22) decided to reconnect with his father in May 1965. Léon chose to invite the press to their reunion with amounting to 5,000 francs. This action touched the rocker so much that he confessed to Télé Magazine in 1965:

“He’s only been interested in me since I succeeded. I’ll never have sympathy for that man. But he’s still my father … He’s weak, unstable, but I don’t judge him I’m just saying he’s gone. Claim him me because he didn’t do his duty when I needed him. “

Johnny Hallyday, January 17, 1961. ^ Source: Getty Images

Léon Smet lost his job and drowned in alcohol. Johnny was the only member of his family to attend his funeral on November 20, 1989. La Taulier therefore had a particularly complex relationship with his father. How is his mother?


In December 2018, Gala published a series of Podcasts dedicated to the women who marked the life of Johnny Hallyday. Women like Sylvie Vartan, Adeline Blondieau, Nathalie Baye or even Laeticia Hallyday were mentioned. A particular person should be high in this rank, but not.

First anniversary of Johnny Hallyday’s concert – Johnny in his dressing room with his mother Huguette Galmich. . І Source: Getty Images

Huguette Clerc, as it is about him, maintains a close relationship with Taulier: –

“Between Johnny and his mother Huguette, it’s the story of a never-to-miss date (…) For a long time, he refused to call her ‘Mom’. It was Huguette, that’s all. good absence. blue eyes in fine, a blue particular and clear “,

Johnny doesn’t want to mention his mother in his media outings. He didn’t really know it, especially since he didn’t grow up next to it. So what exactly do we know about Johnny Hallyday’s mother?

At first, Huguette Clerc worked in a creamery. A few years later, she became a model and traveled extensively for her work. She entrusted her son to her sister -in -law for a month, but it finally lasted 4 years. According to the magazine, Huguette struggled to see her son again:

“She found money for Christmas Eve 1946 next to her, but the reunion was thrilling. Her son didn’t recognize her and she called her aunt ‘Mom'”,

She tried several times to retrieve her child, but Hélène resisted. She witnessed her son’s success from afar. She remarried in 1955, giving birth to 2 sons. Johnny cut him off from his life so he wasn’t invited to his wedding to Sylvie Vartan. In a nursing home he died at the age of 86.


Johnny Hallyday is not buried near his parents, and this situation comes of his own will. In fact, one would think that he would choose to be buried in Schaerbeek (Belgium) with his father, or in Ardèche (in the village of Vivier) with his mother, but no!

Johnny Hallyday on stage. . І Source: Getty Images

It was finally at Saint Barth that he chose to be buried. He literally fell in love with this little island to the point that he chose it as his last resting place. He liked it because of the simplicity and discretion he enjoyed in this heavenly place. He even built a villa called “Jade” there, which offers him a very beautiful view of the sea.


Even after his death in December 2017, Johnny Hallyday’s life continues to inspire passions. As of March 29, 2022, a documentary dedicated to Taulier will be available on Netflix. Titled “Johnny’s Johnny”, the documentary allowed rocker fans to discover new aspects of the famous rocker.

We learn, for example, that his main sin was lying:



the Taulier in front of the cameras.

“I have to believe my lies for them to dream, for people to believe what I tell them”.

It also gives charm to Johnny Hallyday. He remains present in the memory and in the hearts of his millions of fans in France and around the world.

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