Mohamed Diawara, who has been a business developer at Limoges CSP, is involved with the youth of Limoges districts

The day of our meeting was one against Beaublanc for a few hours.

Suit and Limoges CSP pin hanging on the jacket, the young man took care of his appearance. “Young people need to understand that there are codes that must be respected in order to cope. I mean, you leave the neighborhood and acknowledge. Clothing is very important, the way you stand ”, underlined Mohamed Diawara, who has been an example to many young people in the city’s neighborhoods.

If proof was needed, the vehicles did not fail to blow their horns to greet him throughout the interview in Val de l’Aurence.

Dynamic Youth

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At the age of 27, Mohamed Diawara joined the Limoges CSP team as a business developer: he managed relationships with partners, organized events around match nights, found ways to boost the economy of club. “I can’t describe to you what it means for me to work for Limoges CSP. It’s magic. »

Mohamed Diawara, French champion of Viet vo dao, shares the values ​​of the sport in general and the initiatives of the Limoges CSP, especially those made up of reserving free places to young people from the Limoges districts to allow they attend battles. .

Bringing together young people from neighborhoods outside the towers is becoming a priority for Mohamed Diawara. To succeed in his mission, he launched his new association, Youth dynamic, to enliven neighborhoods, with the support of the City, and Stéphanie Queyroi, general secretary of the CPME (Confederation of small and medium-sized enterprises) Haute- Vienne, entrepreneur and vice-president of the new association.

“I believe in dialogue”

“The idea is to organize a one-time meeting between people from the neighborhoods, along with business leaders or local police. People need to talk to each other, exchange. Tomorrow the police in the discussion to get to know our young people and their aspirations better. I believe in dialogue with young people. But we can only help those who want to help. There are many. »

premium Destroying thought ideas, re-creating the link … Two policemen meet with students from Val de l’Aurence in Limoges


The goal is to restore their confidence and allow them to present themselves in a realistic future. In Val de l’Aurence, some dream of becoming a footballer or a rap singer. But finding your career path and livelihood, in Limoges or elsewhere, will be the beginning of a path to success. (empty)

Mohamed’s sister, Aïmadou Diawara, believes in social mobility. “My brother is proof of that. He held several positions before joining CSP. He knows how to make a network. I am making my first steps in working life and I sincerely believe that if you have the will, you can thrive in your professional life. »

Don’t leave a neighborhood

Giving confidence in the future starts at an early age. Mohamed Diawara wants to encourage families to come down from their apartments to go to the basketball court where several events and discussion moments are planned with the Dynamic Youth association.

The field symbolizes long afternoons playing with friends, the first memories of school, but is also a venue essential for living together. “In the past, there were end-of-year snacks organized with families to enliven the neighborhood. This is important and now Momo is trying to recreate encounters. We should not leave a neighborhood without associations, ”Bachir Krioua stressed.

Give it a chance

Bachir is lonely in some deserted neighborhoods, he provided homework help for four years at social center The Magic Hat.

He has now started in the restaurant business and now employs young people from the neighborhoods in apprenticeships. “I hire young people, no matter where they come from. But if I see some of them, from neighborhoods that want to work with me, I don’t hesitate to give them a chance. »

If some districts of Limoges lack associations in the area, Mohamed Diawara salutes the political will of the City to try to fix the priority districts of Limoges.

Aline Commbrouze

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