HPE is strengthening its Greenlake computing-as-a-service offering

Each year, HPE expands its offering to GreenLake with new services to extend pay-as-you-go principles from internal infrastructure to the cloud to the end. With new services announced this week, this offer is now richer and more mature than the competition. A major asset for HPE.

Over the years, the cloud -popularized Opex model has imposed itself on all branches of IT: services, software, and now hardware. Like the cloud, business computing is now “as a service” with pay-as-you-go and monthly subscriptions. In this area, HPE is a forerunner by starting its Greenlake strategy in 2019, forcing the competition to, since then, take inspiration and copy the Apex formula to Dell, TruScale to Lenovo or Cisco+ to Cisco .

Each year, HPE refines Greenlake, strengthening its platform to the point where it now offers an “edge to cloud” perspective beyond on-premise computing to cover the many hybrid scenarios offered in a ” as a scalable service, which can afford to properly support the evolution of companies both in terms of activity and in terms of the maturation of the changing cloud.

And success is largely there. In one year, Greenlake posted a 136% increase in orders with sales of $ 798 million in the first quarter of 2022.

Now, Greenlake is moving away with a new business IT billing model. It is a true platform of bulk and different services from hardware to services (Security, MLOps, etc.) and support. ” When you get into GreenLake, you get an experience, an identity, whether you’re using computing, storage, networking, MLOps offers or workload orchestration offers said Fidelma Russo, CTO of HPE.

This week, HPE launched the new iteration of its Greenlake platform. It now extends to network, storage, and operational management services. There is not even one HPE Business left without a footprint in Greenlake. The offer now includes more than 50 services as shown in the graph below:

HPE GreenLake: Overview of 50+ Services

Among the new things we noticed in particular was the arrival of storage services in block mode (in other words the arrival of SAN bays under Greenlake). According to HPE, ” GreenLake for Block Storage is the industry’s first block storage service to offer 100% guaranteed data availability in an operational cloud model “. The second part of the sentence is important, because HPE has reached out to” Block Storage as a Service “by players like Pure Storage (Pure as a Service), Zadara or even Nutanix (Nutanix Unified Storage). the self-service provisioning service to deploy new projects and new workloads faster.It also provides freedom and reallocates resources to initiatives that have become more strategic.

Another major new, Managing HPE GreenLake Compute Ops is a Cloud management console to access, monitor and manage servers in a centralized, simplified and remote way. More importantly, it makes it possible to automate the life cycle management of computers and servers and to secure the IT environment.

Another new Greenlake service, “ Backup and Recovery “:” it is a backup service designed for the hybrid cloud. Customers can effortlessly protect their data for virtual machines, benefit from fast on-premises recovery, and provide a cost-effective approach to storing long-term backups in the public cloud explanation of HPE.

Another innovation that demonstrates GreenLake’s greater openness across the HPE and VMware universe, the manufacturer announced ” GreenLake for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI “, An integrated, prebuilt and preconfigured system that offers to run a wide variety of Windows and Linux workloads in an on-premise or Edge environment designed for hybrid cloud thanks to the integration of a specific number of Azure services. Everything is offered under the GreenLake offer with pay-as-you-go and a monthly invoice payable to HPE. Note that Azure Stack HCI is Microsoft’s hyperconverged solution, sold as a subscription and based on Hyper-V, Windows Server and various integrated Azure bricks (AKS, Azure Functions, etc.).

Other new features are mainly related to network services. Most important is the convergence (not to say integration) of the console Central Aruba (and AI-powered, cloud-based network management services) at the heart of the GreenLake Console. Beyond this convergence, eight new services network-as-a-service »Simplify the process of acquiring and deploying network services. According to HPE, ” they allow customers to tailor network expenditures to usage needs, and ensure that the network is always ready to support business objectives “.

Greenlake’s offer is now so firmly rooted in the company’s consumer habits and in HPE’s portfolio that it still extends today to HPC with “ Cray-as-a-Service “.

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