How to Earn Extra Money Teaching French Online

Teaching French is an attractive career, but many people wonder, “How do I make money teaching French?” This article will provide an answer to this question.

1) Register on reliable teaching platforms:

To make money teaching French, you can choose a respected teaching platform where you can sell your skills and post your lessons in a dedicated marketplace for people actively seeking learning online.

You can teach French with Preply, which is one of the digital platforms and websites where you can create and manage material so that it is visible on screen. These different platforms provide educators with the tools and software they need to deliver materials and deliver information to everyone involved in online learning. Because these sites and platforms are a resource for those who want to learn, your services will be quickly identified and you will reach the greatest number of potential customers in the least time.

It is also very important to recognize that there is no fixed model for teaching. To be a teacher, you don’t have to develop a standard course. It allows you to develop material on any topic, in any format, and monetize your knowledge in the way that works best for you. In other words, there are e-learning alternatives for every skill set, every subject, and every level of interaction.

2) Teach Freely:

You don’t have to always rely on an app or platform to offer your online French teacher service. In fact, you can choose to become a completely independent educator, sell your services through various communication channels and deliver your courses and content using one of the available video conferencing platforms. So you don’t need a good office or a lot of equipment; all you need is a desire to teach, a degree and a simple computer.

3) Conduct home teaching:

Tutoring can be a profitable way of increasing your income. In reality, an enormous number of children use tutoring each year, and this number is rising. This is particularly explained by the fact that parents ’schedules do not always match their children’s schedules, and so they have recourse to private lessons to help them. You will share your knowledge and skills with them, and thus you will play an important role in their lives. You will contribute to the success and development of your children, which is an amazing personal achievement, while earning money.

4) Provide professional French refresher or enhancement training:

An employee’s French proficiency within his company is an integral part of the full and complete execution of his professional activity. This is essential to their integration and development in the professional environment.

Many people have, unfortunately, a low level of French and a weakness in the language, which makes it difficult to hire them for particular positions. In fact, lack of knowledge of French is likely to lead to confusion and misunderstanding in the transmission of information.

An error caused by a lack of expertise in France can have devastating financial consequences for the organization. You can provide refresher courses or professional French development courses to these groups of individuals to help them fill their gaps while earning money.


To make money teaching French, you can just do it online. You can do this any day and any time that suits you. In fact, many sites will give you a little respite by allowing you to manage your time as you see fit. Also, these sites will expose you to thousands of potential students. Some of these teaching platforms even provide educational content that you can provide, so you don’t have to worry about what you will do or show, and you don’t have to prepare anything.

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